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Carbon Emissions: Beef, Lamb, Lobster or Fish?

A new study by the University of Tasmania, Australia, and Canadian scientists has found that catching most types of fish produces far less carbon per kilogram of protein than land-based alternatives such as beef or lamb. The researchers found that fisheries for small pelagic species such as anchovies and sardines emit a fraction of the carbon generated by red meat production. On average, global fisheries have a low-carbon footprint similar to that of poultry. Lead author Dr Robert Parker, now at the University of British Colombia in Vancouver, said,, >click to read<16:01

From the PETA Playbook? – CEO works toward a ‘humane harvest’

Kenny Down grew up in Ballard, and went to sea while still a teenager. Working for years aboard Bering Sea longliners, he never thought much about the stress that fish might go through as they were unhooked and then — while still conscious — cut open and bled. Now, the 52-year-old Down thinks about it a lot as chief executive of Blue North Fisheries, a Seattle-based company that on Monday will be launching a “humane harvest initiative” at the industry’s annual Seafood Expo in Boston. Read the rest here 14:56