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Garnish fish harvesters concerned about green crab

Garnish fish harvesters Preston and Tonia Grandy are worried about what an abundance of green crab in the waters of Fortune Bay could mean for the future of the fishery. “It is a bigger issue than I think a lot of people in 3PS realize, because it has only been the last three or four years that we started notice them (green crabs) here,” explained Tonia Grandy. Over that time, she has made other observations in relation to the invasive species.,, She said if green crab are destroying eelgrass as well as eating mussels, clams and scallops, they will have a negative effect on other species. click here to read the story 11:48

Terrible weather conditions are blamed for slow start to lobster fishery in Fortune Bay

article_large slow startExceptional windy conditions resulted in most fishers only being able to haul their pots three or four times during each of the first two weeks of the season, which opened on April 16. Veteran fish harvester Ernest Follett of Grand Bank said his catch rate is down over 30 per cent compared to the first week or so of fishing last year. “It’s not fit,” he said. “With the wind from the northeast, the lobsters just don’t crawl.” Another factor may also have affected catch rates. During the first week of the season, many of the Grand Bank lobster fishers had no choice but to use frozen herring for bait as very little fresh fish was available. Read the story here 16:19