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Fishermen call on Macron to halt Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm, threaten “unprecedented confrontations”

French fishermen have called on President Emmanuel Macron to cancel the 496MW Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm, threatening “unprecedented confrontations” if their demands are not met. The fishermen oppose the project as they say it will damage the marine environment, especially scallops,  and the fishing industry. “The State must have the ambition to cancel this project,” Alain Coudray, president of the Côtes-d’Armor departmental fisheries committee, said in an open letter to the president,,, “It is not yet too late to prevent unprecedented confrontations from emerging in the bay of Saint-Brieuc,”  >click to read< 09:26

Boris Johnson’s Brexit Deal Under Fire From British Fishermen, More

Boris Johnson’s Brexit negotiations are being heavily criticised by UK fishermen who are faced with the possibility of going out of business, thanks to the terms of the Brexit fishing deal,,, >click to read<

Fishermen brand Brexit trade deal a ‘betrayal’ – new year may not bring the hoped for Brexit bounty for Scottish fishermen as industry leaders  express their misgivings. >click to read<

EU crumbles as Irish fishermen turn on allies. ‘Macron got what HE wanted!’ – Irish fishermen have turned on their European allies over their English Channel access and quota allowances, arguing France got what they demanded in the post-Brexit trade deal with the UK. >click to read< 17:00

Fears in France for future of fishing industry after Brexit

Fishermen in northern France have enjoyed nearly 50 years of shared seas during Britain’s membership of the European Union. But a no-deal Brexit is threatening to sink the livelihoods of people in Boulogne-sur-Mer who have been fishing all their lives. “If we don’t have an agreement it will be catastrophic,” says fisherman Laurent Merlin. His haul of flatfish and crabs will be at risk if any deal between the UK and the EU does not guarantee access to the seas off Britain. >video, click to read< 19:45

Charlotte Goes To Sea

Martial Olivier admits it, and they both laugh, recalling when he saw her on the quay in Camaret, at the end of August. ‘When I saw her arrive, a featherweight in a rapper’s cap and her tank top, I said to myself, what are we going to do with this one?’ At 52, with 30 years of crabbing behind him, the skipper – and co-owner with Beganton – of crabber Bag Kevell, has seen plenty of crew. The last time female engineer was on his old crabber Intron Varia, she ended up being airlifted off after just a day at sea. So it’s understandable that he was concerned when Charlotte Sau arrived with her sea bag. But his fears turned out to be groundless, and his praise for the 22-year old engineer is almost enough to make her blush. photos, >click to read< 17:57

Brexit: Could a fight over British fish put a Brexit deal at risk? – Why the Brexit Talks Could Still Fail

For generations, boats have left this port to fish in the waters between France and England. Look across the water from Boulogne on a clear day and you can see Dover. It is just two and a half months until the end of the year, and the close of Britain’s transition period. If a Brexit trade deal has not been agreed by that point, Boulogne’s fishermen may face a truly profound change to their lives. Even if there is a deal, access to British coastal waters may be curtailed. If the UK leaves without an agreement, then the impact would probably be felt much more severely. >click to read< , Why the Brexit Talks Could Still Fail>click to read<,  Brexit: Fishing in Troubled Waters >click to read< 10:30

Will Britain lose another fishing war?

On average, a fish in the North Sea crosses five territorial waters frontiers every day. They don’t have passports or face quarantine. Britain made a fool of itself during the three cod wars it fought with Iceland between 1956 and 1976. British fishermen decided these were “traditional” waters and the Royal Navy was sent in to try and intimidate the Icelandic fishing boats. Other than geo-thermal energy, banking and airlines, the main Icelandic product is cod. They depended on hauling cod of out the northern waters close to Arctic Circle — we looked absurd trying to stop them. Does a new fish war with France, the Netherlands, and Spain now loom? The problem arises partly from the 1982 UN Law of the Sea convention which extended territorial waters out to 200 km. >click to read< 10:09

Wooden fishing vessels are becoming gradually rarer – and what’s even more rare is to see a new fishing vessel built in wood

Le Croisic fisherman Jérôme Debec made the choice to go for a wooden fishing vessel, opting for a 12.98 metre boat with a 6.20 metre beam to replace his previous 15 metre boat. Built for netting and potting, Kab David IV was launched at Saint-Quay Portrieux and will soon be on its way to join the fleet at Le Croisic. While the hull is built in wood, the superstructure is moulded in GRP for ease of maintenance. Kab David IV has accommodation on board for a crew of up to five, a pair of 3.48m3 vivier tanks. Tank capacities are for 6.40m3 of fuel and a tonne of fresh water. The main engine is a Scania DI13, driving a Masson W1950 gearbox to turn a four-bladed propeller. photos,  >click to read< 13:59

Coronavirus: Fishermen cannot land their catch in France

The problem is not that boats are not able to land their catches, the issue is that restaurants in France, Italy and Spain have closed down, which has hit the demand for seafood. Fisherman Dougal Lane said it was very worrying. ‘The whole shellfish side of the industry has shut down, the crab and lobster boats, because the European market has crashed and, of course, the other market was China, so the market for shellfish has absolutely come to a standstill. >click to read< 10:04

As both sides crank up the rhetoric, UK to outline post-Brexit trade vision. France warns both sides could ‘rip each other apart’

The UK is expected to contest the bloc’s demands that Britain stick closely to EU rules in exchange for access to European markets. It comes as France has warned that the two parties risk tearing themselves apart during the talks,, On Sunday the French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian used strong language while predicting that tense negotiations lie ahead.,, The EU wants to keep access to British waters for European fishing boats, and leaders have suggested the issue will be linked to other matters such as financial services in the upcoming talks. >click to read< 08:46

Permits issued allowing French fishing boats to return to Bailiwick waters

Guernsey States says it is processing applications for the new system which will replace the The London Fisheries Convention that ended following Brexit. The new system will issue individual authorisation documents to French fishing vessels which choose to fish in Bailiwick waters in 2020. It will only apply during the Brexit Transition Period. The application forms have also been supplied to French authorities to try to speed up the process. >click to read< 06:39

British cannot close off fishing waters post Brexit, says France

French Minister of Agriculture Didier Guillaume said Thursday it was “not possible” for Britain to close its waters to French and other EU fishermen after Brexit. “We do not accept that… that is not what we want,” Guillaume told a meeting of fisheries professionals in the Channel port of Boulogne. “We shall leave not one fisherman in difficulty because of Brexit,” concluded Guillaume, stressing that the French fishing industry should not suffer as a result of Britain’s departure from the bloc. >click to read<15:45

Another fishing industry bashing article – this time it’s fuel subsidy

Here are some excerpts from the recent Guardian’s fuel subsidy article: “Fuel subsidies ‘drive fishing industry’s plunder of the high seas’ Spain, France, UK, US and Japan among countries giving generous fuel subsidies enabling industrial fishing far offshore, says Global Ocean Commission Read more here 10:06

Computer Model Predictions: Major Reductions in Seafloor Marine Life from Climate Change by 2100

An international team of scientists predict seafloor dwelling marine life will decline by up to 38 per cent in the North Atlantic and over five per cent globally over the next century. These changes will be driven by a reduction in the plants and animals that live at the surface of the oceans that feed deep-sea communities. As a result, ecosystem services such as fishing will be threatened. Read [email protected]  11:13

Shea extols trade agreement with EU at P.E.I. oyster conference

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2WOODSTOCK – Federal Fisheries Minister Gail Shea told an oyster conference Friday  that Canada has some of the most rigorous standards in the world to ensure that its aquaculture industry is safe, healthy and sustainable. [email protected]  14:26