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Jimmy Buchan warns no-deal Brexit ‘will hurt’ Scottish fishing industry

The warnings come just days after the final round of scheduled talks between London and Brussels broke off, with EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier accusing his opposite number, David Frost, of not showing “any true will” to reach a deal. Since the outset of negotiations the EU has demanded “status quo” access to UK waters, which would essentially mean a continuation of the common fisheries policy, something that has been categorically rejected by Boris Johnson. Jimmy Buchan, chief executive of the Scottish Seafood Association, told the Commons environment committee that, despite the differences, a deal must be done “no question”. >click to read< 16:57

Fishermen warn of ‘mayhem’ on seas in event of no-deal Brexit, concerns of conflict between trawlers from different countries

Fisherman Michael Cavanagh has no doubts about the potential for violence on the high seas in the event of a no-deal Brexit at the end of the month. The Greencastle-based skipper says that just after the initial March 29th deadline passed, an Irish crew fishing for crab off Scotland got a nasty shock, even though there had been an extension. “They went to haul their pots, but 400 of them had already been hauled and the eye (which crabs crawl through) had been cut out of all the pots. And it wasn’t Boris Johnson who did it.” >click to read<  16:14

Scallop wars: French fishermen pull plug on talks with UK rivals

French fishermen have broken off talks with British rivals for a new deal on access to scallop-rich waters in the English Channel, a long-simmering conflict that flared into a high-seas confrontation last month. Representatives from both sides had been meeting in London since last week to hammer out an accord that would stop smaller British boats from scooping up the prized mollusks outside the official fishing season. “It’s game over,” Hubert Carre, the head of France’s CNPMEM national fishing committee, told AFP. >click to read<10:30

Tensions escalate in scallop wars as French fishermen venture into British waters to net 44 bluefin tuna

The battle between British and French fisherman escalated again today after Gallic trawlers grabbed a giant haul of bluefin tuna off Jersey that their UK rivals must throw back. Two boats based in Normandy caught 44 of the valuable protected fish while hunting for bream off the Channel Islands – adding to already simmering tensions between the two nations. The tuna, each weighing between 50kg and 120kg and worth more than £100,000 in total, were then brought ashore at Granville in France to be sold.  British fishermen caught in the ‘Battle of the Scallops’ last week say the new development proves their French foes are hypocrites. >click to read<09:02

You should have seen the ones that got away…

TWO French fishermen working off the south-west coast of Jersey got a surprise – when they caught 44 bluefin tuna. The fish, which are rarely seen in the Island’s waters, weighed between 50 and 120 kg and were brought ashore at the nearby port of Granville to be sold. Normandy newspaper La Manche Libre reported that the tuna were caught by two commercial vessels that were pair-trawling for bream west of the Minquiers. >click to read<11:09

Scallop War – French fishermen vow to ‘use the heavy artillery’ in next Channel clash with English scallop rivals

French fishermen now appear to be planning to step up their attacks on British vessels as they branded out trawlers “roast beef”. One, Pierre Sophie, raged the “war” is not over and vowed to keep attacking UK fisherman in the English Channel. In one rant, he said: “Will (sic) come back with more boats! We’ll have to get the heavy artillery out!!!” He also shared footage of the violent clash on Tuesday with the caption: “Bunch of b*****ds”.  Another fisherman, , Steph LF, boasted about the attack, saying how “the little French frog… ate some f***ing British roast beef”. >click to read<11:34

Calais and Boulogne blocked by protesting French fishermen

French fishermen have blocked the ports of Calais and Boulogne in protest at so-called pulse fishing, which uses electrified nets to stun fish. Fishing boats stopped ferries entering or leaving Calais while a roadblock stopped traffic at Boulogne. Calais is a major link between the UK and France used by thousands of tourists and lorries every day. The European Parliament recently voted to ban pulse fishing which is mainly used by Dutch trawlers. >click here to read< 09:59

French fishermen bag a Portuguese submarine!

3639CA9300000578-3687891-image-a-1_1468398168304French fishermen bagged the biggest catch of their lives when they reeled in a Portuguese submarine. The 220ft navy vessel got tangled in the net of a trawler off the English coast as it was taking part in a training mission. Portugal’s Armed Forces General Staff said the sub got too close to the boat when it was below the surface about 34 miles (55km) southeast of Lizard Point in Cornwall.  The trawler, Daytona, which is registered to port in northwest France called Saint-Brieuc, was fishing in the area. Blissfully unaware there was an assault sub below them, fully equipped with eight torpedoes and four harpoons, the fishermen plodded along with their work. The Tridente-class submarine, which weighs more than 2,000 tonnes, got stuck in the net and hit the fishing boat as it tried to surface. Read the rest here 11:04

‘Objects thrown’ as Brixham fishermen are threatened by French vessels in the English Channel

brixham frenchmen dustupBRIXHAM fishermen have been involved in a fracas with their French counterparts in the English Channel this morning. The scallop trawler Joanna C was surrounded by ten French vessels in the Baie de Seine, off Le Harve, with the Brixham fishermen then claiming that objects were thrown at them.The vessel has now been forced to abandon its fishing trip and return to port in Devon.  Derek Meredith, who owns the Joanna C,He said: “The French fishermen surrounded my trawler and threatened to smash it up.” Read the rest here  18:29