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Government can be slow – and foolish – Lake Winnipeg whitefish disaster awaits

Here on Lake Winnipeg in Canada, it’s been boon times for fishermen. The walleye have been numerous for years. But we got a wake-up call this fall. A competing species, the whitefish, worth half the value of pickerel and yet counting on our quotas (the poundage we are allowed to catch each year), have come in droves. We cannot escape them. Read the rest here 11:34

Fisher could have been paid $16,000 for his ‘wasted fish’ – David Tomasson, Chairman, Freshwater Fish Marketing Corp.

I am dismayed to see the recent stories in the Winnipeg Free Press about the commercial fishing industry in Manitoba, specifically the issue of usable fish going to waste. (posted here 4/20/2013) Your story featured commercial fisher Frank Kenyon — an outspoken critic who represents a small minority of regional fishers. I — along with dozens of other fishers — disagree with both his sentiments and the potentially catastrophic approach this article took to one-sidedly presenting a contentious topic. continued