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A Lobsterman’s Tale of Survival

The darkest moment of John Aldridge’s 12 terrifying hours of floating alone in the Atlantic Ocean came in the first moments after he was flung off his lobster boat. “You hit the water, you’re in such disbelief,” he recalls. “Nobody in the world knows you’re missing. Their life is happening right now, but your life is done! Right now, in the middle of the ocean, today’s the day you’re going to die.” Not only did Aldridge survive — by pulling a James Bond-like maneuver to turn his boots into flotation aids — but, nearly four years later, he’s still working in the profession that put him in so much danger. And he’s retelling the remarkable tale in a book just released. Click here to read the story 10:37

‘A Speck in the Sea’ tells tale of boyhood pals’ brush with death on Long Island fishing excursion

After more than 10 hours in the frigid ocean 40 miles south of Montauk Point, John Aldridge didn’t know if there was any fight left in him. It was at that moment when the cruel sea taunted him with salvation — only to snatch it away. No more than 400 yards away he spied the Anna Mary, his lobster boat, the one he’d tumbled overboard from in the wee hours of the night. His crewmate Mike Migliaccio stood on the roof, binoculars plastered to his face, desperately scanning the sea. Migliaccio was a man possessed. He knew Aldridge’s time was running out. How was it possible Mike didn’t see him? Aldridge had spent all his energy affixing himself to a colorful buoy. But the ocean’s glare hid Aldridge from sight and the Anna Mary steamed away. “A Speck in the Sea” is the personally narrated account of Aldridge and his partner Anthony Sosinski about July 24, 2013, a day the unthinkable happened. click here to read the story 14:17

“It’s nothing short of a miracle,” – Captain: ‘I Wasn’t Coming Home Without Him’

Anthony Sosinski, partner of rescued fisherman John Aldridge talks about his childhood friend’s struggle for survival at sea. [email protected]

BREAKING: Fisherman John Aldridge, a crewmember of the F/V Anna Mary has been rescued.

uscg-logoCoast Guard Station Montauk confirms John Aldridge has been rescued and being transported to Station Cape Cod. Petty Officer Jetta Disco, a Coast Guard spokesperson, said Aldridge was found 43 miles south of Montauk Point. His boat was five miles off of Montauk Point. Aldridge is being treated for exposure, hypothermia and dehydration. The Coast Guard was assisted by a large contingency of commercial fishing vessel’s.

Here’s the “Official” rundown. John Aldridge, a crewmember of the commercial fishing vessel Anna Mary, was found after going overboard. from uscgnews

Today was your lucky day John. I’m happy for you, and relieved for your loved ones. Best wishes in your new life that started with the helicopter lift!


Coast Guard searching for missing fisherman John Aldridge, a crewmember of the F/V Anna Mary,near Montauk

uscg-logoCoast Guard watchstanders at Sector Long Island Sound, in New Haven, Conn., were contacted by a local fisherman, at approximately 6:30 a.m., reporting that a male fisherman had gone missing based on missed watch relief times and being
unresponsive to callbacks from another fishing vessel at 4 a.m. [email protected]