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A Look inside the F/V Araho Wheelhouse, along with Advances in Electronics and Trawl Technology

Advances in electronics and trawl technology are taking some of the guesswork out of finding fish, making the harvesting of those fish more efficient and environmentally sound, and improving the efficiency of hauling them aboard. One of these advancements is the complete line of electric winches recently delivered by Rapp Marine for the O’Hara Corporation’s DNV-classed, 194-foot stern trawler F/T Araho, ensuring the vessel is fully equipped for bottom and pelagic trawling. NET Systems offers a wide range of trawl netting for several fisheries including bottom and midwater trawls as well as cod ends and trawl doors. Read the rest here 19:01

O’Hara Corporation christens F/V Araho

The O’Hara Corporation the first new vessel to join Alaska’s flatfish sector in nearly three decades this summer, marking a major milestone for the aging fleet and sending waves of excitement through the industry. A video posted on the company’s Facebook page shows the vessel’s hull being launched into the water, in time for completion by the Alaska Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands flatfish fishing season’s start in late January. In a rare move, the company had it built on US soil. Eastern Shipbuilding Group constructed the 194-foot freezer trawler at its home-base in Panama City, Florida. Read the rest here 14:14