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Montauk fishermen rescue dovekie, a tiny sea bird

A Montauk fishing boat traveling 60 miles south of Long Island rescued a penguin-like sea fowl called a dovekie struggling in the waters Thursday. Doug Davidson, a crew member of the Montauk-based Caitlin & Mairead, saw the tiny bird “having trouble in the waves” and used a shovel to help it aboard, said Bonnie Brady, executive director of the Long Island Commercial Fishing Association. Brady said 30-mph winds had whipped up 13- to 15-foot seas the night before, perhaps disorienting the dovekie. Her husband, Dave Aripotch, captains and owns the boat. >click here to read<18:28

F/V Caitlin & Mairead safe after taking on water, Coast Guard assists, towing to Montauk

Caitlin +MaireadOn Wednesday night, the Coast Guard is towing a commercial fishing vessel back to Montauk that was taking on water about 30 miles south of Montauk Point. Petty Officer Alissa Flockerzi said the crew aboard Caitlin & Mairead reported the 65-foot boat was taking on water at about 2:25 p.m. At the time, the four-person crew had engaged pumps, which were keeping up with the water. The boat is registered to David Aripotch. [email protected]  04:40

Coast Guard press release here  09:38