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Fisherman names his newborn son Andrew after the shrimp boat and crew that saved his life

little andrewA Murrells Inlet fisherman, who was pulled from the Atlantic Ocean by a nearby shrimp boat when his vessel capsized, became a new father Friday. And just as he promised, Adam Wiseman named his son, Andrew, after the crew that saved his life. “Baby Andrew made his entrance today weighing 10 pounds, 3 ounces,” Wiseman said on Friday. “True to my word (I) named (him) after a shrimp boat!” Wiseman and Cooper didn’t have time to call for help, but the Captain Andrew – Georgetown’s oldest wooden hull shrimp boat, still in service after 48 years – was shrimping nearby when Wiseman’s boat went under. Crew members saw Wiseman swimming for a floating ice box and set out to save the sinking vessel and its men. Baby Andrew came into the world at 7:41 a.m. on Friday. Ten fingers. Ten toes. Big smiles on a lot of faces. Read the story here 14:03

F/V Captain Andrew rescues two fishermen and their sunken boat from the sea

The Captain Andrew is Georgetown’s oldest wooden hull shrimp boat was built in 1968. It has combed the waters ever since and on Saturday morning, the crew caught one of its greatest catches – rescuing two fishermen from the sea and their boat from the bottom of the ocean floor. Adam Wiseman was fishing with his friend, Troy Cooper, in the Atlantic Ocean near the North Santee Bay off South Carolina on Saturday morning when an ice box caused his boat’s weight to shift. The boat flipped. And within seconds, Wiseman was in the water along with a school of hungry sharks and the 300 pounds of jellyfish they had on board their craft before it capsized. “It was less than five seconds,” Wiseman said. “We didn’t have time to make a radio call. We didn’t have time for anything.” The Captain Andrew was shrimping nearby when crew members saw Wiseman swimming for the ice box. The crew picked up its nets and set out to save the sinking vessel and its men. Read the story here 11:49