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John Greenleaf Tell’s It Like It Is! His F/V “David and Jenna” sustained little to no damage following her unmanned adventure. (video- photos)

COHASSET — John Greenleaf knew that this week’s nor’easter threatened to rip his boat  off its mooring in Gloucester and sweep it out to sea. That’s why he nervously  kept an eye on the boat Wednesday. A day later, Greenleaf was warily watching his boat again, only this time  the 40-foot-long fishing vessel was stranded on a beach in Cohasset. The stormy seas had carried the empty boat overnight from Magnolia Bay in  Gloucester to a cove in Cohasset, roughly a 20-mile journey. “I watched it until dark last night with a pair of binoculars,” Greenleaf  said. “It (the boat) must be mad at me, because it didn’t leave long after I  stopped watching.”

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