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Salvage Crew Waiting For High Tide To Free Stuck F/V Joyce Lynn II – Video

beached-boatIf at first you don’t succeed, wait for high tide and try again. That could be the motto Monday for TowBoatUS as they again try to free a commercial fishing boat which ended up beached just north of the Port Everglades jetty Friday night. Attempts over the weekend failed to budge the boat. TowBoatUS salvage expert Travis Bason said Sunday the vessel’s rudder and prop were a problem. Read the rest here 14:18

4 rescued after fishing boat runs aground off Fort Lauderdale

The U.S. Coast Guard rushed to the rescue of four fishermen late Friday night after their 63-foot boat crashed ran aground off Fort Lauderdale Beach. Saturday night, the Joyce Lynn II was beached and breaking apart. Low tide has left the vessel stuck in the sand. “Well, right now, it’s grounded. They’re trying to take all the oil out of it and the gas out of it right now,” said area resident Beth Drude, who is helping with cleanup efforts. Read the rest here 20:24