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Fatal tragedy of F/V Lady Mary sinking propels sea change for safety

9057891-standard lady maryThe sinking of the scallop boat Lady Mary may remain mired in controversy four years later, but the death of six Cape May County fishermen who were aboard March 24, 2009, is leading to sweeping changes in commercial fishing safety regulations. The Coast Guard issued 45 recommendations in its recently released report on the sinking covering issues including training, vessel stability, licensing, inspections, watertight features, electronics, drug testing and many others. [email protected]  03:04

Coast Guard: Deadly F/V Lady Mary sinking in 2009 the result of open hatch and unstable boat

uscg-logo9057891-standard lady maryA number of modifications over the years had gradually made the North  Carolina-based vessel less safe, according to the report. In addition, a  decision to open a hatch on deck was unsafe and contributed to the sinking. The  report concluded that the boat wasn’t involved in a collision as originally  speculated, but that sea water had gotten onto the main deck and flooded through  the open hatch. Still, the report continued, the crew could have survived the sinking. Read the Report  [email protected] 22:41

The five-chapter series on F/V Lady Mary sinking

9057891-standard lady maryThe Star-Ledger spent months investigating the sinking of a Cape May-based scallop boat that left six dead and spared just one crew member. This five-chapter series was printed in a 20-page special Sunday Star-Ledger section and will be presented over four days on NJ.com. Read more about how this story was researched.  [email protected]   EC Newellman provided this pdf version. Thank you, EC