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Mutiny on the Majestic Blue – A captain held captive by his own crew. A boat flying the U.S. flag but violating every American law

Captain wanted. No experience necessary. The ad described a gig as master of a Western Pacific tuna fishing boat, an American ship with a crew of 24 men. The vessel was a purse seiner, a steel-hulled fishing boat that used a gigantic rectangular net that closed like a drawstring purse to catch tuna for StarKist, America’s most popular tuna brand. He sent an email. Less than 15 minutes later he had a response. It didn’t come from the address listed, but from someone at a Korean company called Dongwon. “When can you be here?” the email asked. Read the rest here 16:58

Judge: Dongwon knew seiner was unseaworthy before sinking

A judge with the District Court of Guam has determined Dongwon Industries knew about the unseaworthy condition of a vessel it allegedly owned and operated before sending its captains out to sea, and in turn, to their deaths. This determination is included as part of judge Joaquin V.E. Manibusan, Jr.’s decision to deny a Dongwon-linked company, Majestic Blue Fisheries, LLC, its petition to limited its liability for the June 2010 sinking of the fishing vessel Majestic Blue and the deaths of the vessel’s captain and chief engineer. Read more here 20:54

USCG investigation of the sinking of the U.S. Distant Water Tuna Fleet F/V Majestic Blue

majestiv blueThe investigation revealed twenty-two crewmembers safely abandoned ship and were rescued by a sister ship but the master and chief engineer remain missing and presumed deceased. The investigation was unable to determine the exact cause of flooding that originated in the steering compartment where steel work was previously performed during an overseas shipyard visit.  However, the investigation determined that the immediate secondary cause of the sinking was due to a shipboard practice of leaving watertight doors open. Read the Report here  12:45