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Final Miss Ally service honours skipper Katlin Nickerson

Bracelets in Memory of the Miss Ally

Bracelets in Memory of the Miss Ally

WOODS HARBOUR — Katlin Nickerson’s birthday was Friday.

The young fishing boat captain, lost at sea last month with four others in the Miss Ally disaster, would have turned 22.

Saturday family, friends and neighbours gathered to honour Nickerson’s memory. continue

Village stops as service honours lost crewman, Steven Cole Nickerson

WOODS HARBOUR — Woods Harbour continues to be a community in mourning. The village grocery store stood empty Tuesday afternoon and all commerce appeared to grind to a halt during a memorial service for a lost crewman from the fishing boat Miss Ally. Read more

This ones for you, Laddy boy

Miss Ally crewman mourned – Fisherman Joel Hopkins, “He was full of life, and a hard worker. … Everything he did, he just did with excitement, and just loved life.”

“The service was upbeat,” said Phil Williams, pastor of the Calvary United Baptist Church, who helped to organize the service.

“It was really focused on celebration of his life. From start to finish, it was about Joel. It was very warm, personal. There was some laughter, of course, amidst the tears.” Read more

In Woods Harbour – “Some very difficult, emotional days ahead”

As the first memorial services were being planned for five Shelburne County fishermen lost in a tragic fishing accident, thoughts about a larger community service were being considered. Read more

Woods Harbour, N.S., plans funerals for missing fishermen

Families in Woods Harbour, N.S., are preparing funerals and memorial services for the five fishermen lost at sea after their fishing boat capsized on Feb. 17 in rough weather. Read more, watch video

Timeline | Tragedy at Sea

The search for five young Nova Scotia fishermen, believed to have perished when their fishing boat overturned in rough waters about 12-hours steam off Nova Scotia, gripped the country and threw a small Nova Scotia commufishing vessel miss allynity’s grief into the spotlight.
A week of exhaustive aerial and underwater searches found no sign of the young men’s bodies. The search came to an end on Sunday — one week after the men went missing — after a dive team search the capsized vessel, the Miss Ally, and turned up nothing.  Timeline here  Video

Nova Scotia fishermen mourned

WOODS HARBOUR, N.S.—Hundreds of people gathered in churches in southwestern Nova Scotia on Sunday as friends and religious leaders

urged their communities to offer support to the families grieving the loss of five young fishermen.

“This is a time of sorrow,” said Sandy Stoddard, a veteran fishermen who was among the last to have radio contact with the captain of the Miss Ally, 21-year-old Katlin Nickerson.

“I’ve lost a piece of me,” he said as he spoke tenderly to crying relatives in Calvary United Baptist church in Woods Harbour, where about 500 people filled the pews.

Stoddard said there will be further efforts to commemorate the five young fishermen, and that he intends to drop wreaths at the site of the Miss Ally.

He said it will be difficult to return to halibut fishing because he will be thinking of the young men he once taught and advised on the North Atlantic.

“I’ll look across that ocean and I’ll always wonder, ‘Why didn’t you just take me God.’”

“Those children still had their lives to live.”

If you can, Read more here.

Tragically, No bodies found in capsized N.S. fishing boat F/V Miss Ally – Slave Driver skipper says wheelhouse and quarters gone.

Updated Saturday, Feb. 23 at 7:56 p.m. AT

WOODS HARBOUR, N.S. – Hours after police confirmed the military spotted the hull  of the Miss Ally intact, the community of Woods Harbour, N.S. is devastated to  learn five young fishermen were not found inside the capsized  vessel.
Divers aboard a private fishing boat that went to search  for the overturned boat and its crew members, surveyed the vessel and found it  was extensively damaged.
Global’s Erin Trafford went to a local community  hall, where people are said to be in tears after hearing the new  information.
RCMP confirmed the latest development, saying the captain of  the Slave Driver contacted the Canadian Coast Guard vessel in the area, the Sir  William Alexander, to say the Miss Ally’s wheelhouse and sleeping quarters were  not attached to the overturned hull.  Read it on Global News

February 23, 2013, Halifax, Nova Scotia…

The RCMP joined by the Department of NationalDefence (DND) and Canadian Coast Guard are providing the following update as of 6 p.m. localtime:At approximately, 6 p.m. local time, the captain of a private fishing vessel, SlaveDriver, communicated to the crew of the Canadian Coast Guard Vessel, the Sir WilliamAlexander, that divers from the vessel went to the over-turned Miss Ally and they visuallyconfirmed that no wheelhouse, or sleeping quarters were attached to the hull of the MissAlly and that no bodies were located.In support of the RCMP, the Canadian Coast Guard vessel, Sir William Alexander, with twoRCMP members onboard remains on scene to provide safety and security in the vicinity of thevessel.RCMP Superintendent Sylvie Bourassa-Muise, District Policing Officer, Southwest Nova Scotiasaid,
“On behalf of RCMP and Department of National Defence and Canadian Coast Guard, we
express our deepest sympathies to the
The HMCS Glace Bay remains on route to the site of the Miss Ally, with augmentation fromFleet Diving Unit (Atlantic). The ship is expected to arrive in the area overnight and will conducta remotely operated vehicle underwater (ROV) assessment of the Miss Ally in the morning in aneffort to gather more information and photos from the vessel.Joint Task Force Atlantic will continue to support the RCMP’s request for air surveillance andmaintain air coverage of the scene until further notice.The RCMP continues to support the families and the community of Woods Harbour.-30-


Local dive teams found no bodies inside the hull of the Miss Ally, the boat that capsized off the coast of Nova Scotia last Sunday in rough weather with five fishermen on board, CBC News has learned. Local fisherman Sandy Stoddard said the dive crew searched the hull, but came up empty handed. He said the vessel is badly damaged. Police are sending HMCS Glace Bay with the Fleet Diving Unit and a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to help search the site. Read here

Coast Guard at scene of capsized N.S. fishing boat cnbcnews

The Coast Guard has reached the Miss Ally, the boat that capsized off the coast of Nova Scotia last Sunday in rough weather with five fishermen on board and those at the scene are now trying to determine the safest way to examine it, according to police. cnbcnews here

Big risks for divers on capsized boat –expert

An open ocean dive underneath the capsized Miss Ally would be risky, but could be accomplished with the right equipment, says a commercial diving expert. Shawn MacPhail, the operations manager of Dominion Diving, Canada’s largest diving company, said divers would be in extreme danger underneath or inside the vessel until it was stabilized. Read more

Update: RCMP confirm Miss Ally found – divers readying for mission

RCMP in Woods Harbour confirmed the overturned hull of Miss Ally was sighted by one of the planes patrolling the area around 10 a.m Saturday morning.   All the information we have right now is coming from aerial surveillance,”  said the source.   It’s anticipated the coast guard ship Sir Williams Alexander is now on the site and the condition of the Miss Ally will be assessed  The overturned fishing boat was rediscovered after two days of finding nothing but debris and open ocean. Read more Updated Read more

“We are angry,” said Stephen Nickerson, the father of Stephen Cole Nickerson. “Very angry.”

The search continued into Tuesday but wicked weather continued to provide poor search conditions for the Joint Search and Rescue teams. By 6 p.m. Tuesday evening the rescue efforts were handed over to the RCMP as a missing persons case.

“They called off the search too soon,” said Nickerson.  “Two days was not enough…and then they call it off on a fine day.” “We don’t understand how they could lose sight of the boat,” said Nickerson.  “They let the boat slip away.” Read more


Search called off for missing Nova Scotia fishermen

Forty hours after an “exhaustive search” began for five young fishermen whose vessel capsized in turbulent seas off Liverpool on Sunday night, it ended. Read more

FV Miss Ally Woods Harbour NS.  Skipper Katlin Nickerson, Billy Hatfield, Joel Hopkins, Cole Nickerson, Tyson Townsend.