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3 saved after clam boat F/V Miss Laurie catches fire on Housatonic – F/V Red Witch and others rush to the flame engulfed vessel

Miss LaurieKevin Jones-Santiago and the rest of the crew aboard the Red Witch were busy sorting clams for market in the Housatonic River on Saturday afternoon when suddenly they heard a pop. Another clamming boat a mile out, Miss Laurie was suddenly engulfed in flames five to 10 feet in the air. The crew quickly pulled up their dredges, picked up their hoses and Captain Timothy Griffith turned the boat around. Read more here 16:10

F/V “Miss Laurie” Commercial Fishing Boat Catches Fire On Housatonic – Details are sketchy

The three people were taken to Bridgeport Hospital, and the captain of the fishing boat suffered third-degree burns, the Coast Guard spokesman said.. Read more here 10:45