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Staying Alive In The World’s Most Dangerous Job w/ Joel Woods – Photo article by John Johnson

osprey herring munchCommercial fishing is the world’s most dangerous job. Even with all of the advances in safety equipment and modern weather prediction the chances of a fisherman being injured or killed still remain very high. Life at sea on a fishing vessel can be  very unpredictable,,,Read more here  John Johnson is a featured writer at fisherynation.com. Comments are welcome. 11:05

F/V Osprey had trouble on George’s Bank

BELCH osprey The EMD main engine snapped the shaft on one of the blowers that keep the 1600 horse power “Railroad Train” style engine running. After the net she was towing was recovered aboard her partner vessel Western Venture, Osprey was towed to Gloucester and is there now being repaired. 08:42

The Western Venture tows partner vessel Osprey to the State fish pier in Gloucester Mass.

unnamed The Osprey is being repaired after a blower on her EMD main engine failed after only 7 months of operation. 16:29

Body taken from F/V Osprey, Police find drugs aboard; no foul play seen

Police had found Grindle’s body on the floor of his stateroom.g000258000000000000d3307f181e3d58ee238b1b8ae1215b4dcf7c9eb7

Also in the room, police found a “small amount of an undisclosed substance,” consistent with Class A substances, which can include heroin. [email protected]