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The Plot Thickens!! Missing F/V Paloma Captain Timothy Lybrand Is A Wanted Man

A seemingly-straightforward tale of a salmon boat that run aground on Ocean Beach has gotten a little more complicated, as news of an outstanding arrest warrant for the missing captain have led some to speculate that he’s now on the run. <Read more here>  A little song for the occasion!  15:04

Coast Guard Suspends Search For Timothy Lybrand Who Jumped Off F/V Paloma

Coast Guard officials suspended their search off Ocean Beach for a man they believe may have died at sea after a distress call early Monday morning, warning that he was about to jump from his fishing boat and swim to shore. Crews had been looking for Timothy Lybrand since 3:30 a.m. but called off the search at noon, after scouring an 18-square-mile area from the San Francisco beach to the Golden Gate Bridge and finding nothing. <VIDEO, Read more here> 09:02

F/V Paloma beached and breaking up on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach

shipwreckA 40-50 foot fishing boat was leaking fuel and spreading debris along San Francisco’s Ocean Beach early Monday after it beached in swallow water and was battering by pounding surf, authorities said. Meanwhile, a search was on for at least one person — believed to be Timothy Lybrand – who was on the boat. <Read more here> 11:19