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Editorial: Latest cod limits reiterates need for assessment changes

gdt iconOne might think that the lifting of the emergency cod regulations imposed by NOAA last November would bring sighs of relief across the Gloucester waterfront and elsewhere as the new commercial fishing year dawns this Friday. But there is little relief and there are no cheers being heard among groundfishermen here and elsewhere across the North Shore and New England. “Now the game of make-believe begins,” says Vito Giacalone,  “Now it’s all about running away from fish that we know exist, but are not recognized by the assessment. Read the rest here 09:27

GDT Editorial: Amid Fiesta prayers, don’t forget true needs of fishermen

gdt iconThe full-fledged opening of St. Peter’s Fiesta Wednesday night means that much of Gloucester’s focus over the next five days will be on the city’s rich fishing heritage and on Gloucester’s fishing families, with special nods to those who have,,, Read more here, maybe. Pay-wall 07:19

From GDT: Editorial: Feds who sparked fishing crisis should accelerate solutions + Poached Lobster!

gdt iconBut it’s a little hard to figure how a 16-day “shutdown” would push back the distribution of Saltonstall-Kennedy Act dollars to fishermen and local businesses by more than a month from the original target date, as NOAA officials are now saying. [email protected] and, Two West Roxbury men caught stowing short lobsters gathered on a scuba dive off Rockport’s Old Garden Beach in September faced the charges in Gloucester District Court Tuesday. more here 13:13