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Stonington Lobster Boat Races, The Fastest Boats on the Coast! – July 9th, 2017

In addition to the standard MLBRA race classes, Stonington hosts the John’s Bay Boat Company Exhibition Race, the Jimmy Stevens Cup awarded to the fastest Working Lobster Boat, and new this year, the Deer Isle Exhibition Race (hailing port of the vessel must be  Deer Isle, Stonington, or Little Dear Isle). Click here to read the notice, contact info, and a schedule of the event. Lets Go Racing!!! 10:18

Maine women welcome a sea of opportunities

A blue lobster caught off Pine Point last month grabbed headlines for being a one in 2 million find. But the breed that appeared nearly as rare, in fact, was the person who caught it: a 14-year-old girl named Meghan LaPlante. Females make up a small minority of Maine lobster fishermen. Just 4 percent of the state’s 5,171 commercial lobster licenses are held by women, a number that has remained steady for about a decade,,, Read the rest here 09:47

Stonington woman wants to help ‘Chix Who Fish’

chicks fishing wearSTONINGTON — It was one of those cold, miserable days out on the water shortly before Christmas, and Genevieve Kurilec McDonald was fed up with her fishing rain gear. “I was wet and cold,” she remembers, “and I was tired of being wet and cold.” workingwaterfront.com Read more here  20:29