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Fairhaven man, New Bedford father-daughter harvest the conch

A rugged and hearty soul, Bobby Sakwa of Fairhaven, a fixture at Hoppy’s Landing on the West Island Causeway, bears the character, weathered hands and ruddy face of a man who has eked out a living from the sea for a half a century. When he’s not lobstering from his 35-foot Novi, a timeless classic also bearing the scars of a vessel that has earned its keep on the ocean for 50 years, Bobby is running conch pots. George Smith, a native of Nova Scotia who owns Big G Seafood together with his daughter Heather Haggarty has been in the business of processing conch meat just shy of 40 years. Photo gallery, click here to read the story 08:40

Book Review: I got caught by Caught

From Tony Small’s first photo and Glen Libby’s first quote, I was hooked by their wonderful book: Caught – Time. Place. Fish. “Changing the world was not as simple as it seemed here in Port Clyde, but a remarkable thing happened…” That’s the first thing I read, and it was so true: this is the story of a truly remarkable achievement in Port Clyde, Maine, one of my favorite places. As Port Clyde’s fishing industry declined, due to the disappearance of shrimp and other species, Glen jumped up and organized the first Community Supported Fishery (CSF) in the nation. The CSF was designed to process and sell the fish and allow fishermen to capture more of the profits. It was not an immediate success. click here to read the story 09:38