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Great news for Georgia Shrimpers! Warm, calm waters enhancing shrimp season

georgia shrimpGeorgia’s commercial shrimpers are keeping their fingers crossed. The 2015 fall shrimping season has hit a good note, and is proving to be light-years ahead of where the fishing industry stood two years ago. “2013 was the worst year in history for shrimping off Georgia waters,” said Marc Frischer, a professor at the University of Georgia Skidaway Institute of Oceanography who studies area fisheries. “It was declared a federal disaster.” It was a devastating year for the industry, he said. Read the article here 07:59

Georgia Shrimpers report successful season

The commercial shrimping season is shaping up to be a successful year when compared to what it was in 2013, even though the harvest by historical standards would only be considered average. Bruce Collins, manager at the City Market seafood store in Brunswick, remembers how bad last year’s season was and has revelled in watching the trawlers bring in loads of the tasty crustacean. “It’s been 10 times better than last year,” Collins said Wednesday. Read the rest here 13:12

Georgia shrimpers planning to petition for disaster status – Black gill disease – up to 90 percent of the shrimp have been infected.

And they’re looking for answers to what’s devastating the catch from Charleston to Jacksonville, a shrimp disease called black gill. The condition, in which shrimp develop black spots on their gills, first showed up in Georgia shrimp in the 1990s. Since then it’s waxed and waned, but the last several years have been bad ones, shrimpers say. This year up to 90 percent of the shrimp in some trawls have been infected. [email protected]  09:22