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Giant squid potentially worth a fortune tossed overboard

A fishing crew off the west coast of Tasmania potentially throws away a fortune after tossing a giant squid close to three metres long back into the sea. As far as bycatch goes, this one was a whopper — a giant squid hauled in by the crew of the Empress Pearl off the west coast of Tasmania.  The South East Trawl Fishing Association reported the squid was estimated to be close to three metres long and weighed up to 100 kilograms. According to the association, not only was the squid enormous, it was also potentially worth a lot of money. >click to read<11:00

Fishermen in Dingle have landed a rare giant squid for the second time

A fishing crew in Kerry couldn’t believe their luck after they encountered a rare giant squid for the second time this year. The sprawling 5.5 metre Architeuthis landed in Dingle after it was caught by the Cu na Mara crew 150 miles west, on the Porcupine Bank.,,, Patrick Flannery, skipper of Cu na Mara, told RTÉ: “When we opened the net we couldn’t believe it, that it was another one. The lads were very excited. What are the chances of two in one year!” Video, click here to read the story 09:14

VIDEO – Russian Fishermen Catches Giant Squid

There are far too many mysteries that lurks in the deep blue ocean. Among these mysteries are stories of creatures found in the ocean. Ranging from mermaids to krakens or sea monsters. Most of them are stories told by those who claim that they have seen or handed over by those who heard it first hand by those who claimed they saw it. But when these Russian fishermen came across this colossal squid which is nearly close to a giant squid only proves how these mysteries might be true. Watch the video here 11:51

Giant squid makes rare appearance in Japanese port

A giant squid that wandered into a Japanese port has been guided back out to sea almost a week after it was spotted, giving enthusiasts and experts a rare glimpse of the mysterious creature. The massive invertebrate, four metres (13 feet) in length, was discovered by fishermen on December 24 at a port in the city of Toyama on Japan’s northwestern coast. It was later guided by a diver into deeper seas.  Read the rest here 09:19

Russian fishermen film live giant squid surfacing and eating near fishing trawler

THEY’RE creatures of the depths, rarely seen by human eyes. Existing images of giant squids usually depict the animals once they’re dead and washed up on a beach, a mess of bleached, gelatinous tentacles. But this footage shows something altogether more amazing: a live giant squid surfacing near a fishing trawler and attempting to feast on the day’s catch.  The fishers are forced to defend the catch of the day with the aid of a long pole which they use to prod the animal. Read the rest here 09:14