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Seeking More Volume

Sponsoning the F.V. Seeker at Giddings Boatworks in Charleston OA fishing vessel owner has two options for increasing the volume of his vessel’s hull and its money-making fishhold — one can add more length or add more beam. The latter is likely to gain the most volume and, when regulations limit length, adding beam may well be the only option. Read more here 19:02

Giddings Boat Works launch’s F/V Patriot

Giddings-Splashes-First-New-Vessel-in-12-YearsUnder construction for more than a year, the 200 – ton fishing boat will homeport in Newport, Ore. Once fully outfitted with gear, this combination vessel will be fully capable of shrimping, crabbing and tendering in all ocean conditions from Oregon to Alaska, said designer Tullio Celano of Oregon – based Crescere Marine Engineering Inc. “They’ll be able to fill holds and have enough reserve stability and buoyancy to handle any condition that can happen,” he said. [email protected] See the construction of F/V Patriot in this huge photo gallery, and a video. 14:40