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Gloucester Daily Times Editorial: Saltonstall-Kennedy grants should be just the beginning

gdt iconThe word that the Cape Ann Seafood Exchange has drawn NOAA’s recommendation to receive a grant of nearly $400,000 under Saltonstall-Kennedy Act certainly represents good news for the seafood auction — and, to an extent, for the city. Read more here 05:08

Gloucester Daily Times Editorial: Fishing disaster’s unseen casualties – Are our lawmakers truly listening?

gdt iconEverett Sawyer sadly noted that any federal or state aid to fishermen and related businesses might not even reach him, given the layoffs of crew members across the industry. But his plight, and the extended impact on many other residents and businesses across the city cries out for government aid. And that need is now — for aid and/or the lifting of NOAA’s arbitrary limits, not “low-interest loans” for which fishermen are likely not eligible, and which they cannot repay. [email protected]  01:47

Gloucester Daily Times Editorial: Fed loans don’t cut it when it comes to fishermen’s aid

gdt iconThe truth is, the dire catch limit cuts imposed by NOAA for the current fishing year — on the heels of what was already a recognized “economic disaster,” as declared by the Secretary of Commerce last year — have left fishermen in or beyond bankruptcy and to the point where they are selling their boats and homes. So without freeing up the catch limits, and boosting the quota for some of the industry’s staples, such as cod and yellowtail flounder, there would seem no way for fishermen to generate the level of income they would need to pay back any loans, regardless of rates. [email protected]  02:50

Gloucester Daily Times Editorial: Additional plaintiffs to fishery suit boost its urgency – (Where is Maine and RI ?)

gdt iconThe news that the state of New Hampshire has essentially climbed aboard the federal lawsuit filed by Massachusetts Attorney General — and now gubernatorial candidate — Martha Coakley on behalf of the fishing industry is welcome news. The suit, after all, has seemingly not moved an inch since its June filing, except to draw the typical and frankly almost laughable criticism from the Conservation Law Foundation, since it was first announced in the spring. [email protected] 07:47

Gloucester Daily Times Editorial: Fed panel’s provisions beyond cash are key to fisheries

gdt iconBut regardless of whatever financial aid package emerges from these appropriation talks — geared toward the next federal fiscal year, which starts Oct. 1 and runs through the following September — it is other provisions within the same bill that set the stage for several positive steps forward. [email protected]