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Headless tuna in the woods case still an open investigation

The Gloucester man charged with illegally disposing a headless tuna in woods off Revere Street last fall had his case continued for another five weeks in Gloucester District Court on Monday. But a spokeswoman for NOAA Fisheries’ Office of Law Enforcement said that agency has not yet begun to advance its federal case against Harold E. Wentworth, 40, of 24 Liberty St., and crew members of his fishing vessel, the Went-Way, over their alleged illegal landing of the fish last October. >click to read< 18:41

Arraignment set for man accused of landing 183 illegal lobsters

measuring-lobster_8468_990x742James A. Santapaola Jr., the Gloucester lobsterman accused of landing 183 illegal lobsters last month at a local lobster wholesaler, committed a similar offense in 2006, according to the incident report filed by Massachusetts Environmental Police. On Wednesday, Gloucester District Court Clerk Magistrate Margaret Crateau issued a criminal complaint against Santapaola, 40, of 16 Forest Lane, for allegedly landing the illegal lobsters at Captain Joe & Sons Inc. on East Main Street on Nov. 8. Crateau set Jan. 20 for Santapaola’s arraignment in Gloucester on the misdemeanor charges. The criminal complaint charges Santapaola landed 569 lobsters at Captain Joe & Sons on Nov. 8 that included 144 undersize lobsters, two egg-bearing female lobsters and 37 lobsters with V-notches indicating a breeding female. Earlier, Environmental Police officials said the wholesaler is not culpable in the illegal landings because it never took the lobsters into its possession. Read the rest here 16:09

Lobsterman faces multiple court dates over fishing charges

judgementGloucester lobsterman Joseph Sanfilippo has several court dates in his future for alleged violations of Massachusetts fishing regulations. On Tuesday, Sanfilippo, 48, of 1 Thorn Hill Way, Gloucester, was in  for a clerk magistrate’s hearing that was continued to March 1. The charges from that hearing — reportedly for numerous violations — would not be released until after the hearing was conducted. The magistrate would also determine if there were legal grounds to allow the charges to go forward. Read the rest here  10:43