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Gloucester Fleet readies for ‘Year of No Cod’

paul vitale 2012The 2015 season will dawn at 12:01 a.m. Friday, bringing with it all of the uncertainty and angst that have become the Gloucester inshore fleet’s constant seagoing companion. Same stuff, different season. Vitale was asked what his plan was once he got his boat seaworthy. “Plan?” he said, sounding a little like former Colts coach Jim Mora when asked about making the playoffs. “There really is no way to plan. The way things are going, you can’t really plan because they just keep changing everything.” It’s familiar refrain along the Gloucester waterfront. Video Read the rest here 11:32

NOAA Ripped and Gutted the Heart and Souls of those seeing no way out of financial ruin – ‘We’ve been left with nothing’

gdt iconA few years back, when the feds advised Joe Orlando to increase his number of fishing permits, he invested some $400,000, continuing to follow all the rules and expecting to see the industry bounce back as promised. [email protected]