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Letter: The Designated Port Area (DPA), Cape Pond Ice and NOAA – Carmine Gorga, Gloucester, Ma.

gdt iconI could never be a bureaucrat. If I were one such policy maker, I would know for sure the damage my decision would bring upon Scott Memhard and the Cape Pond Ice Company. Because of the decisions of other bureaucrats at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, fishermen can no longer go to fish as they once did. And the destruction of those jobs at sea is creating havoc on land.  [email protected]  06:34

Letter to the Editor: Fishermen deserve the chance to earn a living – Rick Beal, Gloucester Ma.

I’m writing because I’m tired of the misinformation I hear and read in coffee shops, on websites and in newspapers. Even our local newspaper had an online ad from the PEW Foundation saying we destroy the ocean floor. Most but not all that is false. The vast majority of the ocean bottom we fish is sand and mud and while it is true that our nets disturb this bottom, it is also true that currents erase our footprint. continued