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Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk resigning, taking state job

Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk is resigning as the city’s chief executive officer to assume the position of deputy secretary in the state’s Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development in the incoming administration of Governor-elect Charlie Baker. Read the rest here 08:40

Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk backs AG suit vs. NOAA

gdt iconKirk said Coakley’s suit “zeroes in on the requirement under Magnuson to protect fishing communities like Gloucester while also protecting the fishery resource.” “Focusing on our fishermen and the preservation of the port is exactly what is needed today as our city grapples with the impacts of the devastating cuts that were enacted May 1,” the mayor said in a Friday email to the Times. continued

Editorial: Naive fishing ‘bridge’ plan wrongly lets NOAA off hook

gdt iconBut the idea of “redeploying” shut down fishing vessels for research, and a hope of “working with” NOAA leaders on that and other projects comes across as so naive that it’s virtually insulting to both fishermen and state and federal lawmakers who have pursued cooperative research with NOAA for years and basically told to take a hike. And that naivete is topped by city waterfront development director Sarah Garcia’s embarrassing comment that “before, it was characterized as handouts to fishermen; this is different, this is investing in a new marine environment.” continued

Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk eyes plan for fishing ‘transition’

gdt iconThe fishing industry, its advocates in Congress, notably Rep John Tierney, whose district includes Gloucester. Attorney General Martha Coakley and Gov. Deval Patrick have carried out an escalating effort to obtain federal fisheries disaster relief for the fleet — at a price tag $100 million — but have been unable to win the support of President Obama. A direct appeal by the governor to Valeria Jarrett, a senior White House advisor to the president, fell on deaf ears. continued

Bridging the Gap – Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk – A Response to the New England Ground Fish Crisis

GLOUCESTER (CBS)-  The City of Gloucester says preserving New England’s fishing industry is in the nation’s best interest, but they’ll need federal dollars to save it. The Department of Commerce declared the Northeast groundfisheries an economic disaster last fall, paving the way for financial relief. Mayor Carolyn Kirk spearheaded the creation of a plan outlining the best use of government funding. Video

The Mayor and her panel create a “Bridge Plan” to maintain the port through these difficult times. The plan will require funding from relief money, yet to be approved by Congress. Read the press release.

The Mayor’s Desk: Pressing forward for our fishermen – Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk

gdt iconThere was an incredible lineup of political leaders from across Massachusetts at the fishing rally held this past Monday in Boston…What follows is the full text of my remarks on behalf of the city of Gloucester. continued