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The NOAA Oversight Project – Fisherman’s FOIA’s Squeeze NOAA

email3From Dutch Harbor to the Old Harbor Float in Petersburg, from Gloucester and all the way round to Corpus Christi, wherever Americans untied their boats to fish in the decades since the Magnuson Act passed, fishermen had to take on science, politics, and NOAA. Some of you spent your shore time up to your knees in fish politics dividing the stock or arguing with managers about areas or days at sea. Because you engaged in politics, new generations of kids setting and hauling gear can still catch fish. Sort of– Sit down, put a mug up, and read this expose. You will be shocked. Read the article here 16:28

Top Gloucester Times Story of the Year – Fishing collapse named ’13’s biggest local story

gdt icon It was an escalating crisis everyone saw coming, yet one that nobody ever stepped up to stop. Already declared a federally recognized economic disaster in September 2012, the Gloucester fleet and the Northeast groundfishery virtually collapsed in 2013 under the weight of tight federal cuts in allowable catch limits. And that ongoing saga — which this year included longtime fishermen selling their boats and/or homes, and other waterfront businesses seeking relief — has been chosen as the year’s No. 1 local story in voting by the staff of the Gloucester Daily Times and gloucestertimes.com. Read [email protected] 12:29

Just in time for the Holidays! Walton Family Greenwashing by Dan Bacher

Privatizing the OceansMuch recent media attention has focused on Walmart’s announcement that it is canceling Thanksgiving plans for many of its employees. These workers will now have to work on the holiday as the retail giant kicks off its holiday sale at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, rather than waiting until midnight on “Black Friday.”  Reporter’s lapse shows complicity of corporate media The bribery scandal was exposed on the same day that the Gloucester Times of Massachusetts exposed a reporting lapse,,,,,,,,,,“I didn’t think to check the EDF board for Walton family members, or Walton Family Foundation donations,”

Kiss my ass Jane. Unhappy Holidays to You.