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SAFMC, and GMFMC tackle mandatory reporting at joint meeting

Federal fishery managers this week debuted the latest drafts of rules they say will give them more data for crafting fishing regulations. Fishermen have been calling for increased information and science as more regulations are being put in place. Many question the rationale behind the new rules. Currently only commercial fishermen and large recreational head boats are required to report their catch. Also this week, the two councils will vote on moving forward with a plan to set aside spawning areas,,, Read the rest here 13:59

GMFMC to give significant portion of recreational red-snapper quota to charter-boat industry – Up to 95% could be privately owned!

GMFMC SidebarRecreational-fishing advocacy groups have come out with guns blazing after the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council voted at a meeting last week in Mobile, Ala., to further decrease the size of the recreational red-snapper quota. Reef Fish Amendment 40 awards a yet-to-be-determined amount of fish to the charter-boat industry, and those red snapper will be taken entirely out of the recreational quota. Read the rest here 08:33

Red snapper amendments are on the table and all alternatives are bad: reader opinion

GMFMC SidebarOn the table for discussion are a couple of contentious issues. The most immediate is Amendment 40, which would separate the recreational community into two sectors – the “for hire” or charter sector and the private recreational sector. The other issue, Amendment 28, would address reallocation of the red snapper quota between the recreational and commercial sectors. Read the rest here 18:57

Public Meetings, Public Hearings, Amendment 28 – Red Snapper Allocation-March 10 through March 24, Various Locations

All public hearings begin at 6:00 p.m. local time and end no later than 9:00 p.m. March 10 Orange Beach, AL, March 11 Mobile, AL, For locations and details, click here  12:45

Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders’ Alliance nervous – Gulf snapper quota reallocation could set national precedent

An upcoming decision on quota allocation between recreational and commercial fishermen will be vital in setting a precedent for fisheries management all over the US, said sources on all sides of the ongoing red snapper fishery discussions in the Gulf of Mexico. Read more here