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FDA approval of AquaBounty GMO salmon decried by environmental and consumer groups

Environmental and consumer groups in the United States and Canada are denouncing a decision by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approving genetically modified salmon as food. The eggs for the salmon, which grow at twice the rate of regular salmon, are raised in a facility in the eastern Prince Edward Island community of Bay Fortune and exported to Panama, where they’re grown in above-ground tanks. Sharon Labchuk of the group said P.E.I. has been thrust into a negative spotlight with the FDA’s decision. Read the article here 13:18

Canadian Risk Assessment Finds GMO Salmon Susceptible to Disease, as Food and Drug Admin Rubber Stamps Approval!

A never-before-seen draft environmental review of AquaBounty Technologies’ (ABTX) genetically engineered (GE) salmon reveals that Canadian government scientists disagree with the engineered (GE) salmon (FDA) on key questions related to the safety and performance of what may be the first GE animal approved for human consumption. In light of these findings, Food & Water Watch, and Consumers Union today called on the FDA to terminate its ongoing review of GE salmon. Read the rest here 15:14

Safeway and Kroger say “No” to GMO salmon

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has yet to say yes or no to genetically modified salmon, but the two largest grocery stores in the country have made up their minds. Kroger and Safeway announced today that they will not carry “AquAdvantage” salmon, should the FDA approve it. Read more here  06:50 treehugger

Alaska lawmakers face down GMO salmon – Murkowski asks Alaskans to contact FDA during extended comments

JUNEAU EMPIRE. Genetically-modified salmon is nearing federal approval for human consumption and Alaska’s sate and federal lawmakers have taken up torches against what they refer to as “Frankenfish.” This tension is on more and more minds in the Lower 48 and Alaska as AquaBounty’s genetically modified AquAdvantage nears approval for the dinner plate. Read more