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Bering Sea snow crab fishing underway

Bering Sea snow crab fishing was just getting underway, and the first deliveries were expected later this week, according to Ethan Nichols of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Unalaska/Dutch Harbor when the snow crab quota was cut back again this year by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. There is a reduced Bering Sea Tanner crab season, thanks to new rules allowing fishing when fewer female crustaceans are present. And small boats in the Unalaska Island area have a Tanner fishery for the first time in two years. >click here to read<13:03

“Bullshit!” – Golden king crab fleet loses bid for quota increase

848645_lThe Aleutian Islands golden king crab fleet came away empty-handed last week, after the Alaska Board of Fisheries decided against a quota increase, rejecting both the initial request of 15 percent, and the compromise proposal of 5 percent. The vote was loudly greeted with a barnyard epithet from a veteran fisheries lobbyist seated near the front of the audience. “Bullshit!” exclaimed Clem Tillion. “You just screwed the fleet for no reason whatsoever.” He said the decision means a “surplus” of crab will go unharvested.  Read more here bristolbaytimes 12:24

How much gold is enough for the Golden King Crab fleet? – Gold crabbers get nod for boost

The golden king crabbers’ bid for a bigger quota narrowly won an endorsement from the Unalaska Dutch Harbor Fish and Game Advisory Committee. By a 5-3 vote last week, the committee supported an amendment to boost the annual catch by 5 percent, less than the 15 percent sought by the longline crab coalition. Read [email protected]  15:45

Golden king crab harvests are slightly down this season but prices for the shellfish are well above average.

According to Alaska Department of Fish and Game data, the current golden crab price average is $10.10 per pound. That’s more than $2 more per pound compared to last season and nearly double the previous five-year average. This season’s preliminary golden crab harvest is 510,743 pounds compared to last season’s 599,234 pounds. [email protected] 21:26

Golden king crab stocks around Aleutians thriving

Amidst the salmon fisheries starting up all across the state, several Alaska crab seasons also get underway each summer.  In mid-June, the summer Dungeness crab fishery opens in the Panhandle, as does red king crab at Norton Sound. Those are followed in August by golden kings along the far flung Aleutian Islands, which might soon take the title as Alaska’s largest king crab fishery. continued @ SitNews