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Millions of pounds of unprocessed fish approved for export as MPR exemptions increase

The approved exemptions allowing millions of pounds of groundfish to be shipped out of the province unprocessed last year, even as it stressed the importance of minimum processing requirements (MPR) to rural regions and squabbled with Ottawa over relinquishing them. CBC Investigates obtained details on all requests for MPR exemptions from 2010 through 2014, using access to information. That data reveals an increasing number of requests, and approvals. And some of the species involved may be surprising. Read the rest here 09:51

Plant owners taking fisherman John Dean to court over spilled crab – Video

A fisherman is being taken to court by the owners of a fish plant in Hickman’s Harbour where thousands of pounds of crab were dumped into the water by protesting fishers back in April. [email protected]  11:42