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Editorial: NOAA’s dismissal of industry offer sadly no surprise

130307_GT_ABO_BULLARD_1Maggie Raymond of the Associated Fisheries of Maine said she was “flabbergasted” last week when NOAA regional administrator John Bullard essentially dismissed any requests to scale back or otherwise revise the  that have brought new area closures and further tightened the noose around the commercial fishing industry. She also said it’s “shocking” that NOAA Fisheries is apparently not willing to work with the industry in resolving the critical issues at hand. It shouldn’t be. Read the rest here 11:05

Editorial: Markey, Warren right to stress core issues on fishery

gdt iconIn posing their questions to Sullivan, Warren and Markey targeted the issues at the very core of the current dispute over the latest NOAA regulatory actions. Those are questions over the validity of the science that has led to the new area closures decreed by NOAA northeast administrator John Bullard in November, and the timing and justification for carrying out the unscheduled stock assessment that produced the controversial data in the first place. Read the rest here 08:35

Editorial: NOAA cod measure cannot be allowed to stand without challenge

gdt iconPerhaps the scariest thing about the new “emergency measures” being imposed on Gloucester fishermen and the New England groundfishing industry is that no one seems surprised. Angry? Frustrated? Desperate? You bet — and with good reason.  Read the rest here 09:23

Letters signal preventative strike against NOAA fishing measures

gdt iconNOAA Regional Administrator John K. Bullard has conceded the emergency measures, which will be announced around the middle of this month, likely will include quota cuts and area closures and will have a “disproportionate” negative impact on small-boat groundfish ports such as Gloucester and Portsmouth, N.H. Read the rest here 08:01

Assessment Oversight Panel Meeting – GOM cod – Friday, Aug. 22 at 10 a.m. – Listen online

nefmc logoSummary: Planning meeting for upcoming review by NEFMC SSC of the operational assessment of Gulf of Maine cod on August 28-29. To join the meeting via adobeconnect click here   Read more here 14:50