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GoodMorningGloucester: Tremendous Turnout for Faye Passanisi’s ‘Port Bliss’ Book Launch Celebration!

Congratulations to Faye Passanisi for her wildly successful book launch celebration for Port Bliss. The first time author’s party was held in Gloucester at the lovely home she shares with her husband Tony. The Passanisi’s house was overflowing with loved ones and friends and all were there to wish Faye congratulations. The outpouring of community support for Faye as she launches her debut novel was heartwarming! Plenty of excellent photo’s! >click to read<09:38

Fifteen Years Ago Lives Were Lost Aboard The Starbound- My Cousin Joe Marcantonio Speaks Out About The Events Which Took Place That Night

starboundThe Starbound sank 130 miles off Cape Ann August 5th, 2001. It was six months after that fateful night fifteen years ago today when my cousin Joe Marcantonio sat down at his computer and wrote down exactly what happened the night his herring boat was run down by the oil tanker Virgo and his three crewmembers were lost to the sea. Joe trusted me and our platform GoodMorningGloucester to tell the story that had been locked away and never been told to anyone for years. He wrote this account of the events that led up to the sinking of his boat so that his family and the families of his crewmembers would know exactly what happened. The sinking of Joe’s boat the Starbound happend 23 years after Joe had lost his own father to the sea in the sinking of the Gloucester Dragger the F/V Captain Cosmo. The entire crew including Joe’s father Captain Cosmo Marcantonio were lost at sea in September of 1978. 23 years later- ten years ago Joe would recount the events and what was racing through his mind. Joe writes-,,, Click here to read this great article here 12:47

“Kelly Ann”–Fisherman catches First Tuna–Eats the Heart

heartA fisherman on the “Kelly Ann” was fishing for haddock, but instead caught a 800 lb. tuna.  The Tradition is that you must eat your first tuna’s heart. More photos here 09:15

Last of the Eastern Side Wooden Draggers “Little Sandra”

little sandra leaving for the last timeWhen the distinctive white-tipped orange mast of the fishing vessel Little Sandra slipped below the ocean’s surface 18 miles off the coast of Rockport beyond Thacher Island this past weekend, the intentional sinking marked more than just the end of the line for the 63-foot-long vessel. It was the end of an era for Gloucester’s historic fleet of eastern-rigged trawlers as well. Original post June 5, 2013. The art of Gloucester’s  Paul F Frontiero Jr listed on e-bay is linked, as well as the GDT article about the end of an era. Photos and links here. 22:28

Catch Shares – BJ Brown Summed Up What Was Going To Happen In The Fishing Industry In Gloucester 4 Years Ago

gmgThis was filmed in 2010 and it’s only gotten worse. What he predicted back in 2010 is about 10 times worse 4 years later. As I type this a fisherman just left my office. He is 52 years old and has fished his whole life. He is a stern man meaning he has no stake in what the owner of the boat may receive when he sells out his commercial fishing permits. He has only seen it get worse and worse and was telling me he has absolutely no idea what he could do for a living since all he knows is fishing.  It’s sad and it is despicable what they did when they instituted Catch Shares and privatized the ocean and fish. Read [email protected]  21:47

Back in 2009 I started to collect the stories and add them to a thread on Cape Ann Online as sort of a journal and record for those who might have said they didn’t see this coming. There are three pages of articles from fishermen and about how it was and has decimated our working port and independent fishermen. Click here for the list of articles (3 pages worth)

Cod Fishing, circa 1950 – Cod Fishing, circa 1950 Part II by Fredrik Bodin @ GoodMorningGloucester

ac010329_0406Fred Bodin is a photographer who owns a gallery on Main Street in downtown Gloucester, MA. The gallery features Fred’s land and seascapes, as well as historic images printed from the old negatives. All photos by James H. Goodwin 21:35

click here Cod Fishing, circa 1950 – Cod Fishing, circa 1950 Part II

For the first time in almost twenty years,Schooner Adventure Sails Again!

Yesterday, August 10th, was a historic day for Gloucester and the Schooner Adventure. For the first time in almost twenty years, the historic 1926 Essex–built knockabout schooner sailed Gloucester Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. This was a trial sail, or soft opening as restaurants call it.

Stripers Eating All The Bugs From Kellen O’Maley–Connemara Bay Charters – GoodMorningGloucester

gmglob_thumbJust shooting you an email regarding what could be one of the biggest threats to lobsters. [email protected]

Next Generation Lobstermen- Brett and Jake Donovan and Their Solar Powered Lobster Pot Hauler

THEN and NOW – Blessing of the Fleet – Gloucester, Mass.

The THEN photo was taken circa 1950, the Now was this year 2013. In the 60’s the fishing vessels would fill the Harbor waiting to be Blessed. photos @ goodmorninggloucester

Brilliant Doesn’t Begin To Describe The Genius That is The Chum Cutter – Video – GoodMorningGloucester

Our buddy Stevie Corbett designed something so simple, so efficient so time saving for ANYONE that does ANY amount of fishing.  Unless of course you’d rather spend your time chopping up bait for hours instead of getting your lines in the water. continued

Newfoundlanders to Gloucester From Councilor Paul McGeary – GoodMorningGloucester

A delegation representing “Oceans Holyrood Initiative” from Holyrood,  Newfoundland visited Gloucester on March 26, 2013. Here is the story and some photo’s. continued

Video- “WOULD FISH FOR FOOD BUT CAN’T” Jim Rohan Makes A Statement goodmorninggloucester



 Thank you, Joey C!

OMG- Outstanding Cartoon Based Off Our Exit Interview With Lobsterman Wannabe Ben Grenon From North Carolina-gmg

imageWe taped this interview two days ago and I posted it last night.  I have no idea how you could turn this around in a full animation in less than 24 hours. http://goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com/2012/12/06/omg-outstanding-cartoon-based-off-our-exit-interview-with-lobsterman-wannabe-ben-grenon-from-north-carolina/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Goodmorninggloucester+%28GoodMorningGloucester%29

Kim Smith – Fishery Activist

One of the videos currently featured at Fisherynation.com is making the rounds and having an impact. Usually they are exposed for a short time, then forgotten.

JoeyC of GoodmorningGloucester posted an article The Problem with Catch Shares which includes a video being featured here . One of his regular followers (he has so many!) watched the video,

and read the the anecdotal words of some wise men passed  youger men aout the future. ” I remember my dad telling me when I graduated from college and was at the crossroads of either coming down the dock or continuing my education to become an Economics professor.  He said- “Joey if you come down the dock, there’s always gonna be fish and they’re always gonna need a place to offload them.”  Never back then could he or I imagine how much they would have hyper-consolidated the industry and reduce the number of fishermen in our harbor by 80%. So in the middle of composing this post Pete Mondello pulled up to load bait to go lobstering.  Pete doesn’t have any fishing permits any,,,,,,” Read more.

A GMG regular, a lady named Kim Smith read the post, and watched the video. It made enough of an impact for her to write a post on her blog, and become active. There is a petition linked at her blog.

This is grass roots activism at its finest! I welcome Kim Smith – Fishery Activist!