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Recreational IFQ’s? Louisiana wants to give 150 anglers almost unlimited access to red snapper

Despite vehement opposition from recreational-fishing advocacy groups, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says it has worked up a pilot program that will award a significant portion of the state’s red snapper haul to select recreational anglers. The department announced the plan in a Thursday afternoon press release, just one day after meeting with pro-recreational fishing groups and mentioning nothing about the program. The structure would be similar to what exists in the commercial sector, where fishers have been awarded percentages of the overall commercial quota, and may harvest their red snapper at any time during the year. The system, called individual fishing quotas, has been panned by recreational-fishing organizations as well as good-government groups because it has set up so-called Sea Lords, who own quota and make hundreds of thousands of dollars on a public resource without ever leaving the dock. click here to read this story 20:20

Gov. John Bel Edwards appoints Telley Madina to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission

telley_madinaCommercial fishing interests have a new representative on the state board that regulates their industry. Gov. John Bel Edwards has appointed Telley Savalas Madina of New Orleans to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission. Madina, who will represent the commercial fishing and fur industries, replaces Nathan Wall, an alligator farmer from Springfield, who recently resigned from the seven-member board. Madina was executive director of the Louisiana Oystermen Association in 2010 and 2011 and is still a board member. He serves as CEO of Red & Blue Consulting of New Orleans. The Wildlife and Fisheries Commission sets policy dealing with recreational and commercial fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities. Read the rest here 09:34