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Cape Winds Massachusetts Renewable Energy Circus – local news media lacks any kind of investigative journalism.

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In 2010 Governor Deval Patrick announced the building of the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal costing 35 million. The terminal is being built as an ocean wind turbine port today at a price of 100 million. At least that is what it being told the public through the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.   At the same in 2010 the BOEM, Bureau of Ocean Management gave Cape Wind a federal permit to build and stage their Nantucket Shoals 130 wind turbines from Quonset Point, Rhode Island. Read more here 09:43

Governor Deval Patrick calls for ‘immediate’ disbursement of fed fishing aid

Gov. “No Plan” Patrick

Gov. Deval Patrick personally made the case for state disbursement in an April 1 letter to U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, urging her to “disburse the funds immediately to the affected states so they may begin the important stakeholder outreach process and devise a plan best suited for each state to distribute the disaster funds.” Read more here GDT 14:32

New Bedford Marine Commerce Ocean Terminal Another “Big Dig”? – Massachusetts Another Renewable Energy Failure – Posted by Paul Shaw

New England: They say they support the Fishermen, while they support offshore wind? Check these interesting New Bedford facts! New Bedford Marine Commerce Ocean Terminal Another “Big Dig”  – On October 20,2010 Governor Deval Patrick announced the building of the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal. The projected cost of the project was 35 million dollars. The project is located in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Many ask if this is another in a long string of failed renewable energy projects in Massachusetts. Evergreen Solar tops the list in 100 million dollar losses to Massachusetts taxpayers. Read more @southendpatch.com  16:54

Governor Deval Patrick has signed a proclamation establishing Saturday as “Massachusetts Lobster Day.”

“I would like to thank the Patrick Administration for their continued support of the Commonwealth’s lobster industry,” states Bill Adler, executive director of the Mass. Lobstermen’s Association.  “Lobster is a perfect meal for every special occasion, especially during the holiday season. Besides having a delicious and healthy dinner experience, you will also be supporting our Massachusetts lobstermen.” [email protected] 19:07

President Barack Obama and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick are working together to push Cape Wind forward for political advantage.

stoogefisherman-obamaFor example, a May 3, 2010, FAA PowerPoint presentation to Eastern Service Area Directors includes a slide titled “Political Implications” which states: “The Secretary of the Interior has approved this project. The Administration is under pressure to promote green energy production. It would be very difficult politically to refuse approval of this project.” [email protected]