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Newfoundland: End the recreational fishery, says head of Association of Seafood Producers

The executive director from the Association of Seafood Producers is making a bold call, suggesting a full halt to the recreational cod fishery. Derek Butler says the association is “not naive,” and he doesn’t expect the request to be carried out. Instead, he hopes to make a bit of a splash, so the recreational fishery is held accountable. “Our position is a little more dramatic, and maybe we need to say that to get some attention. Not for us, but for the fish,” he said. >click to read<09:27

Popular Notre Dame beach turned into salvage spot for damaged vessel

A tour boat operator in Little Burnt Bay is astounded that a company has been allowed to built a temporary road on a popular public beach, at the height of tourist season, to tow in a damaged boat. The fishing vessel Straits Foam was damaged in this year’s harsh ice conditions in Notre Dame Bay, and had been adrift outside the Bay of Exploits for seven weeks, says Graham Wood, who runs Mussel Bed Tours. The work to bring that boat in to shore and salvage it includes building a temporary road from the beach out to the boat to tow it in to shore.  “The first word that came to mind was ‘horrified.'” click here to read the story 10:28