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So much for compassion – Buddhist-affiliated eatery vandalized hours after monks free lobsters

monks-free-lobstersA Buddhist-affiliated restaurant in Prince Edward Island has been vandalized, hours after a group of local monks liberated 600 pounds of live lobsters. Charlottetown police responded early Sunday to property damage at the Splendid Essence restaurant, including a damaged railing, uprooted flowers and smashed mailbox. The previous day, monks from the Great Enlightenment Buddhist Institute Society in Little Sands had invited a CBC News crew to join them on a fishing boat as they released lobsters purchased on the island into the ocean off Wood Islands. Before returning the crustaceans to their natural habitat, the monks sprinkled the lobsters with purified water and performed a 20-minute ceremony involving a Buddhist chant for compassion. Read the rest here 17:34

Food for Thought! P.E.I. monks buy 600 lbs of lobster to release them into ocean

monks-free-lobstersMore than 600 pounds of lucky lobsters were spared the pot Saturday, thanks to compassionate monks on Prince Edward Island. The monks bought the lobsters from various places around the Island, said Venerable Dan of the Great Enlightenment Buddhist Institute Society in Little Sands. On Saturday, they boarded a fishing boat and released them back into the ocean off the coast of Wood Islands. “Hopefully, we can find a spot where there are no cages waiting for them,” said Dan. The purpose is to cultivate compassion not just for the lobsters, but for all beings, he said. “We respect everyone’s dietary choice, so we’re not doing this to convert everybody to be vegetarians or vegans,” he said. “This whole purpose for us is to cultivate this compassion toward others. It doesn’t have to be lobsters, it can be worms, flies, any animals, drive slower so we don’t run over little critters on the street.” Read the rest here 10:02