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Great whites plentiful off US west coast

Great white sharks are likely rising in numbers off the coast of California and are not at risk of extinction despite some reports to the contrary, US researchers say.By accounting for all life stages of sharks there, researchers found that their numbers were more likely around 2000, not 200. Read more here 18:36

PHOTOS & VIDEO: In search of great whites off Chatham, Ma

Julia, a great white shark, has arrived on Cape in May for the last few years  and usually spends until October around Chatham Inlet and Monomoy. But this year  she eschewed Chatham in favor of Orleans. “For some reason we don’t know,”  said Greg Skomal, a shark researcher with the Massachusetts Division of Marine  Fisheries. “Predictability is what you want when you try and manage beaches.” Manage BEACHES? [email protected]  09:31

Great White Sharks Are Back – Has a marine mammal conservation program become too successful?

Gordon Waring, a seal specialist at the NOAA, cautions that marine biologists don’t actually know how seals interact with fisheries, and so far there is no sign that they are eating more than their habitat can support. (seal specialist??,,don’t actually know??) wow. [email protected] slate

Shark trackers plot migration of great whites up and down East Coast

The three East Coast sharks tracked by Ocearch are the first white sharks in history with Facebook followers. As of Saturday, both Lydia and Mary Lee, a 3,500-pounder named after Fischer’s mother, were in waters off the southeast coast of the United States. In early May, Lydia visited Georges Bank fishing grounds off Massachusetts. During one 12-minute period on May 6 she swam a distance comparable to the length of the ferry ride from Point Judith to Block Island and back. [email protected]