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Chasing Utopian Energy: How I Wasted 20 Years of My Life

For years, I chased utopian energy. I promoted solar, wind, and energy efficiency because I felt like I was protecting the environment. But I was wrong! Feeling like you’re doing the right thing doesn’t mean you are. I just couldn’t admit it. My sense of identity was tied to my false beliefs about energy myths that blinded me to what really does and doesn’t help the planet.  I learned how to see things not just the way environmentalists do, but also the way utilities, governments, builders, engineers, lenders, and manufacturers see them. But by 2008, I started to see cracks in my beliefs. The Obama administration had earmarked billions of dollars in federal funding to create jobs in the energy sector, and my company won multi-year contracts valued at over $60 million. >click to read< 13:41

Canned climate official was right, consumers suffer the most

Remember David Ismay? He was the state’s $130,000 a year climate change czar, a mini-John Kerry who was forced to resign after he was inadvertently caught telling the truth. He revealed how the Green anti-fossil-fuel movement wants to punish you to save the planet. Ismay, speaking to a virtual meeting of the Vermont Climate Council last year on gas and oil emissions, said, “Sixty percent of our emissions that need to be reduced come from you – the person across the street, the senior on fixed income.” If that was not damaging enough, he added, “There is no bad guy left, at least in Massachusetts, to point the finger at, turn the screws on and, you know, break their will so we have to break your will. I can’t even say that publicly.” But. you did! >click to read< 14:45

Call for tearing out lower Snake River dams gaining support in D.C. and WA state

For more than two decades Eastern Washington residents have heard proposals to tear out the lower Snake River dams, but only recently has the idea gotten bipartisan support in the nation’s capital, said Rep. Dan Newhouse, R-Wash.,,, In the Puget Sound, he said he sees signs scattered along roadways with an X through the words “Snake River Dams.” That support from people who don’t understand what the dams mean to Eastern Washington is coupled with growing Congressional support and interest from the Biden administration, he said. Because the dams are federal infrastructure, their future is a federal issue. >click to read< 09:40

Offshore Wind Farms: NJ forcefully tips its hand, as we read this stuff delivers a fraction of its total capacity!

Governor Phil Murphy has set a goal for 7500 megawatts of offshore wind-generated electricity by 2035. It is an ambitious goal. It is also a goal that leaves little time for the niceties of public engagement and dialogue. The state clearly showed that it has a plan, and it is going to implement it regardless of public acceptance. Two state actions this month make that abundantly clear. >click to read<, as we read today, Wind Turbines & Solar  Panels Deliver Tiny Fraction of Their Total Capacity – There’s a yawning gulf between what wind turbines and solar panels are capable of delivering and what’s actually delivered. Sunset and calm weather will do it every time. wind and solar advocates always overstate the output of wind turbines and solar panels; and then, only in terms of pointless averages. The subterfuge is as much about omission as embellishment. >click to read< 10: 09

Fake ‘Green’ Energy: So Much Spent On Wind & Solar For So Little Return

Wind and solar are not just costly they are entirely useless. Never in the field of energy generation has so much been spent, by so many, for so little return. Forget the colossal and endless subsidies, forget the community division, forget the environmental destruction and landfills full of toxic blades and panels and start with the fact that wind and solar are simply incapable of delivering electricity as and when we need it. On that score, we’ll hand over to John Hinderaker for a look at wind and solar power’s utterly pathetic performance in the USA. At AmericanExperiment.org, my colleague Isaac Orr deals a double-barreled blow to the fantasy of “green” energy. First, after all of the hype surrounding wind and solar energy, where did Americans actually get their energy in 2020? >click to read< 09:20

North Sea Annihilation: Offshore Wind Power Destroying Marine Environment In New & Exciting Ways

Energy generation systems of all descriptions take their toll, but only one of them claims moral superiority over all others. That increasingly tenuous claim rests on the ‘we’re saving the planet’ mantra – chanted by the wind cult around the Globe. Offshore wind turbine noise and vibration has clocked up a number of Cetacean fatalities, messing with whale’s sonar guidance and communication systems: Wind Turbine Noise Terrorizing Whales Here’s another take on how offshore wind farms in Britain are doing their bit for the environment in the North Sea. >click to read< 12:46

New York Wind Power Plans Make No Sense, NY wants a green energy ‘superhighway.’ Hydro-Québec can help

New York needs big ideas if it’s to overcome its current state of decline,,, But Democrat candidate Eric Adams’ wind power proposal is not that plan, and it’s with great respect and an open invite to sit down with the candidate, and any candidate of any party, to explain why. Mr. Adams noted Rhode Island’s wind farm as an example of a state committed to the technology. Let’s explore. The promises were great. The wind farm promised to cut  electricity rates on Block Island by 40%. Rates have gone up, >click to  read<  New York state wants a green energy ‘superhighway.’ – Hydro-Québec says it can help New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo build a green energy “superhighway” from Canada to New York City. >click to read< 16:50

A Deep Green Freeze: An Existential Threat To America’s Future

Gas and power prices have spiked across the central U.S. while Texas regulators ordered rolling blackouts Monday as an Arctic blast has frozen wind turbines. The less we use fossil fuels, the more we need them. A mix of ice and snow swept across the country this weekend as temperatures plunged below,,, “My understanding is, the wind turbines are all frozen,”,,, >click to read< 13:53

Disposal of Hazardous Waste: The dark side of ‘green energy’ and its threat to the nation’s environment

Wind farms and massive arrays of solar panels are cropping up across public and private landscapes, (offshore, also),,, President Joe Biden, in fact, has directed the Interior Department to identify suitable places to host 20 gigawatts of new energy from sun, wind or geothermal resources by 2024,, But how green is green? Although countries are feverishly looking to install wind and solar farms to wean themselves off carbon-based, or so-called “dirty” energy, few countries, operators and the industry itself have yet to fully tackle the long-term consequences of how to dispose of these systems, which have their own environmental hazards like toxic metals, oil, fiberglass and other material. >click to read< 12:37

Power Companies Fight For Legislation, With Customers Paying The Price

Across the country, electric utilities have worked the levers of power to win favorable treatment from state policymakers. This week, a Richmond Times-Dispatch and ProPublica investigation found that Dominion Energy, Virginia’s largest public utility, successfully lobbied to reshape a major climate bill to cover its massive offshore wind project. The move shifted risk from the company’s shareholders to its ratepayers. As a result of the legislation, a typical residential customer’s bill is projected to increase by nearly $30 per month over the next decade. Dominion says its wind project is necessary to meet the state’s new renewable energy goals. >click to read< 12:37

YouTube Cancels Michael Moore Produced Green Energy Documentary, “Planet of the Humans”

Finally, YouTube has found the flimsy pretext it needed to cancel the controversial Michael Moore-produced eco-documentary which has been infuriating greenies with its anti-renewables message: ‘copyright infringement.’ Planet of the Humans, the documentary executive-produced by Moore and written and directed by his friend Jeff Gibbs has racked up over 8 million views on YouTube since its launch last month. But now — in what Gibbs says is a “blatant act of censorship” — YouTube has taken down the video. Filmmaker Jeff Gibbs is surely correct when he says that YouTube’s cancellation of the documentary is politically motivated. >click to read<16:43

Michael Moore and Driessen agree! Wind, solar and biofuel energy are devastating Planet Earth – Never in my wildest dreams did I envision a day when I’d agree with anything filmmaker Michael Moore said – much less that he would agree with me. But this new film, Planet of the Humans, is as devastating an indictment of wind, solar and biofuel energy as anything I have ever written. The documentary reflects Moore’s willingness to reexamine environmentalist doctrine.  >click to read<

The North Sea industrial estate

In order to reduce CO2 emissions The Netherlands put a lot of money into an energy transition by building a vast windmill park at sea. Dutch fishermen have serious concerns. Their fear is that the North Sea will become an industrial estate while fishermen will lose fishing grounds and space. So far, many windmill parks have already been placed in locations that had been prime fishing grounds for beam trawlers, flyshooters and whitefish trawlers from fishing ports in the south-west of Holland. photo’s, more, by Willem den Heijer  >click to read< 16:40

Green Energy: Proposal to import Canadian Hydro into New England faces familiar pushback

Central Maine Power anticipated smooth sailing for a proposal for bringing Canadian hydropower into New England after the so-called “Northern Pass” stalled in New Hampshire. After all, CMP already owned the entire path along existing utility corridors and through remote forests.,, Jon Reed, who’s heading up the Clean Energy Matters campaign, said the goal is to ensure residents understand the environmental and economic benefits for Maine are real. Furthermore, the full financial cost is being borne by Massachusetts ratepayers.,, Maine’s governor, Democrat Janet Mills, remains a supporter of the transmission project after CMP proposed $258 million in incentives, >click to read< 07:08

New England’s drive for Canadian hydropower threatens native population’s way of life

Amid the last 20 years of worsening impacts from climate change, environmentalists in the Twin States have scrambled to push state leadership toward ambitious renewable energy goals. And a key component of meeting those goals has been Canadian hydropower, a cost-effective, reliable resource that is often billed as clean, green energy. The New England ISO, which regulates New England’s electricity infrastructure, currently gets 1.4 terawatt hours of electricity from damming projects from the provinces of Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador, some of which goes to New Hampshire. About a third of Vermont’s energy comes from Canadian hydro plants through the Highgate interconnection. >click to read< 09:01

Legal fight over Open Hydro continues

Local businesses left holding the bag for millions of dollars worth of work installing a tidal turbine in the Minas Passage want the Irish parent company to keep its hands off its bankrupt subsidiary’s remaining asset.,, The company was the Canadian subsidiary of Irish parent OpenHydro that went bankrupt days after a massive tidal turbine was installed in the Minas Passage. The Irish company’s bankruptcy occured after French defence firm Naval Energies, which had been bankrolling the project to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, pulled its funding. >click to read< 12:37

Solar And Wind – Taxpayer-Funded Ponzi Schemes with renewable portfolio laws, or quotas created by your elected politicians

The solar electricity industry is dependent on federal government subsidies for building new capacity. The subsidy consists of a 30% tax credit and the use of a tax scheme called tax equity finance. These subsidies are delivered during the first five years. For wind, there is a subsidy during the first five to ten years resulting from tax equity finance. There is also a production subsidy that lasts for the first ten years. The other subsidy for wind and solar, not often characterized as a subsidy, is state renewable portfolio laws, or quotas, that require that an increasing portion of a state’s electricity come from renewable sources. >click to read< 13:58

Bankrupt company ordered to remove defunct Minas Basin tidal turbine

The government issued a strongly worded order Wednesday to a company that is functionally non-existent. “(Cape Sharp Tidal) is now required to retrieve its turbine in the Minas Basin,” read the Department of Energy and Mines news release announcing the revocation of Cape Sharp Tidal Venture’s marine renewable electricity licence. “If that does not happen in a reasonable timeframe, government will begin the process of accessing the security that remains in place.” But Cape Sharp Tidal Ventures exists only in name. >click to read<14:09

Claim that Annapolis tidal turbine violates Fisheries Act puts science under review

Is the Annapolis Tidal Generating Station killing a lot of fish? The protesters waving placards on the causeway crossing the Annapolis River on Wednesday and Thursday claim that it does. Scientists and stakeholders meeting over the same period at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography were attempting to answer the same question. But even as The Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat was performing its review of available data, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Nova Scotia Power may already know whether the turbine is in violation of the Fisheries Act. According to correspondence obtained via a freedom of information request between high level staff at both the federal regulator and the turbine’s owner, both already know it kills fish. >click to read<

Being Pushed Off Traditional Fishing Ground’s – Tidal safety zone plan worries lobster fishermen

The four undersea power cables connecting the in-stream tidal test site to the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy in Parrsboro cost about $15 million. Mark Taylor has been setting lobster traps in the Minas Passage for three decades. The Halls Harbour fisherman doesn’t want to damage any undersea power cables but he also doesn’t want to get pushed off his lobster grounds. Read the rest here 11:32

Influence peddling, green energy, and romance: An Oregon Love Story

When a love affair begins with shared dreams of solar panels and fantasies of switchgrass, it shouldn’t surprise us that it leads to tears, resignation and federal investigations. Such is the love story of Oregon’s former governor John Kitzhaber and his fiancée, Cylvia Hayes. “Their relationship, from its beginning in 2002,” the New York Times wrote Feb. 15 after Kitzhaber announced his resignation, “was based, friends said, on a shared passion for a low-carbon energy future.”The Department of Justice last week issued subpoenas to Oregon state agencies, as part of a federal investigation involving Kitzhaber and Hayes. Read the rest here 17:52