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Are green and greed links a bit fishy?

wolf-in-sheeps-clothing-scaled500-e1371562470325Serious questions need to be asked of the world’s most prominent environmental organisations. How many of them are bankrolled by multinational corporations? Do they really think that they are immune to “greenwashing”? To bring it all closer to home, how many of the green NGOs lobbying Brussels in my industry – fishing – have taken money from Shell, BP, Coca-Cola, Monsanto and HSBC, as  has? And of those that shake their heads, how many are funded by bodies like the Pew Foundation, awash with corporate dollars? Read the rest here 12:52

Just in time for the Holidays! Walton Family Greenwashing by Dan Bacher

Privatizing the OceansMuch recent media attention has focused on Walmart’s announcement that it is canceling Thanksgiving plans for many of its employees. These workers will now have to work on the holiday as the retail giant kicks off its holiday sale at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, rather than waiting until midnight on “Black Friday.”  Reporter’s lapse shows complicity of corporate media The bribery scandal was exposed on the same day that the Gloucester Times of Massachusetts exposed a reporting lapse,,,,,,,,,,“I didn’t think to check the EDF board for Walton family members, or Walton Family Foundation donations,”

Kiss my ass Jane. Unhappy Holidays to You.