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Fears for future of Grimsby’s iconic Ross Tiger trawler

14909505-largeThe future of Grimsby’s iconic trawler Ross Tiger has been thrown into question after the woman put in charge of preserving it left her role. A spokesperson for North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) has confirmed Sue Marshall has “left the employment” of the authority. She had been employed as the council’s tourism and operations manager and was responsible for Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre. This involved heading up an ambitious £3 million project to save the Ross Tiger, after council officials warned the vessel could be lost forever due to corrosion. In March of last year, Ms Marshall unveiled plans to expand the Fishing Heritage Centre and put the Tiger in a dry dock. The famous fishing boat – built in 1957 as part of the Ross Trawler Group – is the last of Great Grimsby’s side trawlers.  At present, she is moored alongside the Fishing Heritage Centre and is an integral part of the centre’s attraction, drawing in more than 80,000 visitors a year from all over the world. But a recent ultrasound report has shown her hull is thinning and is covered in mussels. Read the rest here 15:08

Harrowing tale of how 20 fishermen aboard Grimsby trawler Laforey paid the ultimate price

12177092An audio play reliving the events in which crewmen aboard a famous Grimsby trawler sadly died is to be broadcast. The story of the 20 fishermen onboard the Laforey GY85 is the theme of a powerful new play, due to be aired next month. The story will explore how the trawler grounded off the coast of Norway during heavy seas and snow in February 1954, resulting in the loss of all 20 crew. Named The Price Of Fish: GY85, the play will be broadcast on Compass FM on Sunday, February 7, at 7pm, the 62nd anniversary of the loss of the ship. Read the article here 10:40