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US wants struggling fishermen to pay for observers

observer coverageNow, with federal funding for the controversial program set to run out this fall, the region’s long-beleaguered fishermen are being told they have to pay for the observers themselves — or they can’t fish. “This could be the final hit that pushes us into bankruptcy, causing the collapse of the whole fleet,” said Phil Lynch, 45, a Scituate fisherman who has persisted while the number of groundfishing boats in the region has plummeted by more than 70 percent over the past decade. “The guys still left will be gone.” Be sure to read the comments at the bottom. Read the rest here 15:23

James Odlin – There are fishing boats ready to come home to Maine and revitalize the state’s nonprofit Fish Exchange.

Groundfishing vessels, many of which call Maine home, are forced to travel to Gloucester, Mass., to sell their fish and the lobster by-catch, putting at jeopardy Portland’s working waterfront and risking the permanent loss of what’s left of the groundfishing fleet. Last year, more than 126 million pounds of lobster were caught close to shore in traps. By contrast, less than 100,000 pounds were caught by groundfishing boats, less than one-tenthof 1 percent of the total. continued