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Our Friend, Groundswell Fisheries Movement Founder Stephen R. Taufen has passed away

Stephen R. Taufen, a prolific writer on commercial fishing issues, was air ambulanced to Anchorage, and was hospitalized at Providence Hospital with an inoperable hematoma. Stephen was in intensive care for a few days, and later, out of intensive care, was lucid, and appeared to be recovering. Stephen’s hematoma began growing again, he lost consciousness and, with family advice and consent, has been removed from life support. Stephen passed away this morning at 03:45. He was the Founder of Groundswell Fisheries Movement. Truthfully, we have lost a great man who cannot be replaced. We extend our sympathy and sorrow to all that know him, his mother, his brother, and his friends. Steve was a man with heart, dignity, and fairness. Perhaps a look at Groundswell and the content he posted on his website will give people a sense of what he stood for. He was always loyal to the underdog. 10:46

Groundswell – Revisiting MSA Reauthorization 2006 – Who Owns the Flying Duck? by Terry Haines

haines5-300x91Who owns the air? Who owns the ocean? Who owns a duck flying overhead, on his way to his summer house in the Arctic marshes? Does everyone? Does anyone? Legions of lobbyists are marching on Washington to join the crusade to divvy up every fish that swims within two hundred miles of the United States of America. But the government doesn’t even own the fish that it is giving away. This is the duck that hovers over the reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act, ready to release its payload. Who Owns the Flying Duck? Read the article here 20:38

Groundswell – New England Fisherman Steve Welch takes on Catch Shares, Council & Government Regulation

Commercial fisherman, Steve Welch of Plymouth, Mass. speaks against essential fish habitat proposals, and strongly opposes  mentality of regional fish council that is ruining our industry. Groundswell notes that such anti-Catch Share feelings are common among many in Alaska,,, We need to bottle Steve Welch’s boldness and right feelings and get far more fishermen to go to council meetings and tell them and the Secretary of Commerce that enough is enough.  It is time to end the hubris of RFMCs and their political appointees. Listen, and read the rest at groundswellalaska.com 14:36

BLUE STATE OF MIND #1 – Listen up…

In 2007, Shannyn Moore — the brilliant mind, clear voice of experience in Alaska fisheries, and nationwide known talk show host — fulfilled her wish to do a FISHERIES Talk Radio show on station in Anchorage, Alaska.  She had become aware of the public advocacy, and anti-corruption, efforts of the Groundswell Fisheries Movement and offered Stephen Taufen, a chance to go live radio. Stephen is a former high level corporate accountant, heroic whistle blower and founder of the Groundswell Fisheries Movement. Listen to the audio here  Visit Moore Up North with four more interviews 11:32

From the Fleet – Setting the Record Straight on Bering Sea Halibut Bycatch, Ludger Dochtermann, Kodiak

We, as Alaska Longline Fishers, are joined by Washington State halibut fishermen who also fish Alaskan waters. In 2012, statewide, 2,009 residents and 565 non-Alaskans held halibut quotas for Alaska waters; and 1,168 crew, as well. Thousands more are deckhands. Many longliners fish the Area 4 districts, waters of the Bering Sea, where the trawl bycatch problem is at its worst. In 2012, 308 Alaskans held 14.8 million pounds, and 186 non-Alaskans held 18.2 million; on average, the non-Alaskan holdings averaged twice what Alaskans held per person. Co-written by Stephen Taufen, Groundswell Fisheries Movement Read he rest here  11:46

Public Comment of Stephen Taufen, founder of Groundswell Fisheries Movement – Re: C-5 Bering Sea Halibut PSC

alaska-halibut__frontMadame Secretary, Chairman Dan Hull & NPFMC members: Groundswell is a public fisheries advocacy movement that has testified before the NPFMC for the past two decades, and I am Stephen Taufen, founder.  Formerly employed in the Alaskan seafood processing sector, and managed operations for pollock weight grading and related background.  This public comment concerns the previously incontrollable excessive bycatch to which the Council now attends.  Groundswell favors:, Read the rest here 13:34

A few Alaska Political Items – Stephen Taufen, Groundswell Fisheries Movement

Governor Walker has put SAM COTTON in place as the current acting commissioner – so Cora Campbell is out.  We’re more than pleased with Sam.  He has always shown great respect for Alaska and its fishermen and coastal communities. We hope that Gov. Walker gave Cotten marching orders to begin with next week’s NPFMC meeting to get the entire group of Alaska appointees “on the team” to ensure small boat local fisheries,,Read the rest here 21:07

Groundswell sweeps in for Hired Captains and Crew: to Secretary Pritzker, Chairman Olson, and Council Members

 Re BYCATCH 14-004 — C-2: GOA Trawl Bycatch Discussion Paper, EDRs I’m Stephen Taufen, founder of the Groundswell Fisheries Movement, public advocates since the early 1990’s for what is best for the economy and social goals of the United States. We believe that any Alternative to the Groundfish fishery management plan (FMP), even as particular as for Trawl fleets fishing pollock and cod, must enforce and contain the following elements:  Read more here  06:35

Fisherynation Featured Writer Stephen Taufen: Central Gulf of Alaska Groundfish Catch Share Schemes Continue at Kodiak Fisheries Work Group and Fisheries Advisory Committee

0001Kodiak, Alaska – July 2013 by Stephen Taufen, Groundswell Fisheries Movement – In Alaska, the decades long species-by-species march toward ‘giveaway’ privatization of the public commons continues to progress.  At Groundswell, we’re trying to stop that public larceny and keep fisheries open to market forces: not operating under restraints of trade, where price-fixing and job losses materialize.

The following article covered one local meeting on the efforts of the central Gulf of Alaska groundfish trawl industry to get another ‘catch share’ program in place for federal waters. The power of fish politics and corporate money —especially of foreign-owned processing subsidiaries— seeks more tradable, salable quotas. continued here