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Warming waters have fish on the move. Regulators need to act now! Captain Sam Novello, Gulf of Maine Fisherman

T0 NOAA & NEFMC – Because of our warming ocean temperatures fish & squid stocks are moving into north for cooler waters to survive. In the near future , these stocks will be moving into the  waters and these stocks will be more abundant there than in the southern  waters. Most Gulf of Maine fishermen have very little quota of these stocks and most have no quota at all!  Our  regulators and the NEFMC should be addressing the issue now. Today in the Gulf of Maine, most of fishermen and boats are now out of commercial  fishing. At one time there was 2500 fishing  permits in the fishing  industry. Today I believe there about 200 active permits left. Most  of these permits are  small family day boats who are struggling to stay in business fishing. It would  be  a devastating disaster to our natural fishing resources and having Gulf of Maine fishermen dump these fish because of  lack of quota. Regulators and Management should consider using incidental catch limits on new stocks. Example- 2000 lbs, per trip. All Gulf of Maine communities and  fishermen would  benefit by using  incidental  catch limits in Gulf of Maine waters!  Captain Sam Novello, Gulf of Maine Fisherman 15:01

CODFISH IN GULF OF MAINE – Sam Novello, Gulf of Maine Fisherman

thCAJ773GXMy family  has been  fishing the GULF OF MAINE,since 1920  to  present  times . My grandfather  and  father  always  told  me ,the  GULF OF  MAINE  HAS  VAST  CODFISH  LESS AREAS!!  I  have fished  this  area  most of  my life and  agree  with them . Noaa  ,when they do their  surveys  , it seems, they  always  pick  codfish dead  areas. , the  GULF OF MAINE  IS  MORE  COMPLEX  THEN  MOST AREAS  SURVEYED BY NOAA  BECAUSE  OF    TOPOGRAPHICAL  FEATURES  OF  GULF OF  MAINE.Lots  of  valleys and peaks. Codfish  fellow  contours  and   depths , where  Noaa  goes in a straight line. So, all  GULF  OF MAINE  FISHERMEN SHOULD  HAVE a  SAY  WHERE NOAA  SURVEY TOWS  ARE  MADE  IN  THE   FUTURE!!!!! SAM  NOVELLO, GULF  OF  MAINE   FISHERMAN 12:32