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Atlantic States Marine Fishery Commission will decide status Gulf of Maine shrimp fishery

maineshrimp_courtesyofC_SchmidtThe commission is scheduled to meet Nov. 10 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, first to review the most recent stock status report for northern shrimp and technical recommendations from the shrimp advisory panel. It will then set the specifications for the upcoming season. The stock status reports dating back to 2012 reveal a species in free fall, with record low levels of abundance and biomass and poor recruitment since 2012. Those assessments showed problems with overfishing, warming water temperatures and a dwindling number of spawning females. Maine harvesters dominated the fishery the last time it was open in 2013. Of the 207 vessels permitted to shrimp in the Gulf of Maine, 180 had hailing ports in Maine, while Massachusetts and New Hampshire each had 13. Read the story here 07:45

Getting federal aid for Maine shrimpers

maine shrimpIt’s too soon to say if any aid will be given to the shrimpers, although according to a representative from the Maine Department of Marine Resources, Maine’s congressional delegation has reached out to see if there is anything that can be done to help the fishermen. The ideal would be that a federal fishery disaster will be declared. [email protected]   10:38

Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Pulls the Plug on Gulf of Maine Shrimp Fishery

“The Northern Shrimp Technical Committee has considered the Gulf of Maine northern shrimp stock to have collapsed with very little hope for recovery in the near future,” Kelly Whitmore, chairwoman of the committee, told members of a section advisory panel Tuesday morning. “There are no small shrimp around right now. It doesn’t bode well for the future.” [email protected] 16:34