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Challenges abound for Florida Keys commercial fishermen

A limit instituted for yellowtail snapper created a considerable amount of drama for Keys commercial fishermen, as the commercial fishery was poised to close in the Atlantic Ocean in September but analysis showed the fishing stock10172769-large was stronger than originally thought and the season remained open. National Marine Fisheries Service announced in August that the annual commercial yellowtail quota in the Atlantic had nearly been reached, and that the fishery would be closed Sept. 11 through Jan. 1. The Science and Statistical Committee for the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic fishery management councils recommended, federal fishery managers agreed, to an annual commercial harvest of yellowtail snapper that increased the yield from 2.9 million pounds to 4.1 million pounds. Read More

Groupergate – Goliath Grouper Is Overfished

In Florida, the Goliath grouper is considered to be responsible for the depleting of spiny lobsterharvest, and sport fishermen blame them for eating snappers. But a recent study has vindicated the fish. Independent scientist Sarah Frias’ study, released this month, found that goliath groupers are not the cause for declining lobster and snapper stocks in Florida. According to her study, overfishing is the main cause. http://fishery.about.com/b/2012/10/30/groupergate-goliath-grouper-is-overfished.htm?nl=1