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Texas House passes H.B.1260, The “Gulf Shrimp Liberty Act”

The Texas House passed House Bill 1260 by State Representative Dade Phelan, which creates a new occupational license for non-Texas commercial shrimpers for the unloading of shrimp. Currently, Texas has a moratorium on commercial Gulf shrimper licenses, meaning no new licenses are being issues and haven’t been issued in several years. The shrimpers being referred to in HB 1260 are the more than 500 out-of-state Gulf shrimpers who are currently not allowed to come into Texas waters without a license. “HB 1260 opens up the Texas seafood market to 7 million pounds of Gulf shrimp and over $100 million in economic activity for the state of Texas”, Representative Phelan stated. “The ability for non-Texas shrimpers to unload in Texas also means that they will refuel, gather supplies, and perform maintenance on their boats, providing more jobs and generating sales tax revenue that will positively impact the coast.” click here to read the story 11:56

Are these Gulf shrimp? Audubon program aims to hook you on local seafood

louisiana shrimp“National Seafood Month is very much about educating people about Gulf of Mexico seafood and why it’s important to support Gulf of Mexico seafood,” said John Fallon, assistant director of the GULF program. In New Orleans, the month will be marked with a six-course Tuna Fête on Oct. 25 at Carrollton Market restaurant. The dinner will star Gulf of Mexico yellowfin tuna. Dinner with wine pairings is $150 per person, $100 without wine. Tax and gratuity included. It’s a good time for locals to get in the habit of finding out where the seafood they are eating comes from, he said, noting, “90 percent of seafood consumed in the United States is imported” from other countries. Video, Read the rest here  10:38

Shrimp business bounces back for some, not others

20150827_shrimp_before.jpgTen years after Hurricane Katrina left him with nothing but his three medium-sized refrigerator vessels, shrimper Steve Bosarge has overcome major tribulation to expand his business. Years before the catastrophe, Bosarge diversified his business because of increased shrimping competition. In the 1990s, he began providing endangered species animal relocation and site clearance services for oil companies. He had no way of knowing that this side work would save his business. He continues that service today, along with his original career. Many captains of smaller boats were not as fortunate. Read the rest here 18:50

Shortage of imported shrimp – Gulf shrimp, crab scarcity nets high prices

One reason for rising shrimp prices on the coast is a shortage of imported shrimp. A new strain of a common bacterium has been wiping out populations since 2009 in southeast Asia, where most of the world’s shrimp is raised on farms. It started in China then spread to Vietnam and now Thailand, the world’s largest shrimp exporter. Quantities of shrimp from Thailand have dropped 37 percent from last year, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Called Early Mortality Syndrome, the disease can take out an entire pond in a few days, but is not harmful to humans. [email protected]  05:07

Seafood packers struggle with shrimp shortage – Gulf shrimp proving to be hard to come by this year

BEAUMONT, Texas (AP) — Seafood Lover owner Steve Edwards is determined not to raise his shrimp prices — at least for now — despite a lag in supply this season. Edwards has been primarily buying shrimp from three boats in the area for the past 30 years. He knows the shrimpers’ costs are up and their catches down, he said. continued