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Gulf shrimpers contend with falling prices, tainted imports

Worrying about bills and plummeting shrimp prices, Dwayne Harrison stopped to apply for a mowing job one morning recently before dropping his nets in the Houston Ship Channel. The 65-cents-a-pound he was getting last week for small, head-on wild shrimp is one-third the price of a year ago and less than his catch brought in 1998, the year he bought his 50-foot vessel, Angel Lady. Harrison, 51, is among Gulf shrimpers who say they’re leaving the business or are barely afloat, and many blame imports, which make up more than 90 percent of the . Last year, imports rose by 143 million pounds and are up another 2 percent in 2015. Read the rest here 10:22

Gulf Shrimpers Taking a Beating Thanks to Cheap Imported Shrimp.

louisiana shrimpPreviously crippled by disease, imported shrimp from countries such as Indonesia have made a major comeback and have flooded the U.S. market, experts say. In summary, shrimp wholesale is remarkably cheap right now and that means bad business for the local guys. “The industry is in outrage right now,” Thomas Hymel, specialist for the LSU AgCenter, said Tuesday. Last year, much of the foreign, farm-raised shrimp product was decimated by a disease called early mortality syndrome, or EMS. Less shrimp in the market meant a bump in prices. Read the rest here 07:54

Gulf Shrimpers are still hoping for the best

The scientists can look at the conditions up to a point and base their predictions on the best information they have. But things can change, and shrimpers know they often do. [email protected]